2023-04-24 Major solar storm

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2) Events such as this could bring down the power grid for months. Also worrisome is the potential effect on satellites resulting in loss of communication and other ‘services’ upon which military, governments, etc. depend.


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Planet Earth blasted with ‘coronal mass ejection’ from the Sun

“…the Earth was rocked with a Level 4 geomatic storm Sunday afternoon around 1:30 (EST), according to the US’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). That’s one lower than a Level 5 which can cause mass communication outages….

Potential impacts can include widespread irregularities to the power grid, spacecraft, global positioning systems, and radio communications which often result in spectacular Northern Lights displays.”


3) I cannot get a link to this article published by Law360, so I’ve shared it in its entirety due to its significance. We know from the test results I’ve received from ISED that even Apple phones exceed the SAR guidelines when they are tested in contact with the body, as they are often used. The Apple phones for which I have results were tested only 5mm from the body, but people carry and use them touching the body. Look at photos of babies and children using — even sleeping with — these radiation-emitting devices. And BTW, the 50-fold safety factor is a fallacy — it relates to heating being a primary adverse effect and does not pertain to cellphones.

Apple Urges Justices Not To Take Up IPhone Radiation Suit

By Nadia Dreid

Law360 (April 17, 2023, 4:41 PM EDT) — Apple wants the U.S. Supreme Court to stay out of a suit targeting the tech behemoth for the amount of radiation its iPhones put off, telling the justices that federal law is quite clear that the Federal Communications Commission is the one that sets radiofrequency emissions and not states or localities.

There’s no reason for the justices to disturb the Ninth Circuit’s ruling, which found that the iPhone users’ suit was preempted by federal law, Apple said Friday in its opposition to the proposed class’s petition for a writ of certiorari.

When the Ninth Circuit said the suit was preempted by federal law, it was “merely join[ing] every other court to confront the issue by holding that the FCC’s regulations preempt conflicting state standards on RF emissions,” Apple said.

The FCC is the one that sets the radiofrequency thresholds, which currently “incorporate a 50-fold safety margin from any observed effects of RF exposure,” according to Apple. And the agency does so while keeping in mind the balance that Congress wanted it to strike, according to the company.

“Allowing juries (not to mention state legislatures and city councils) to subvert that balance by imposing myriad conflicting standards would plainly contravene Congress’s intent, as expressly set forth in the governing statute, to promote an efficient and uniform wireless network,” Apple said.

Even if the justices were interested in tinkering with the current doctrine and legal understanding of preemption when it comes to the FCC and radiofrequency emissions, Apple said that this case is a “poor vehicle” to do that.

The instant suit has an issue with shifting liability, with the proposed class of iPhone users at times claiming that Apple is exceeding FCC radiofrequency emission limits and at others arguing that the agency’s limits are insufficient.

“This repeated reformulation of petitioners’ claims leaves it unclear precisely what state-law claims they now ask this court to assess for a potential conflict with federal law,” Apple said.

Apple has been fending off the allegations since 2019. The tech behemoth managed to convince both a California federal court and the Ninth Circuit that the California consumer protection law the iPhone users were bringing suit under was preempted by federal law.

Now the iPhone users are hoping the Supreme Court will breathe new life into their litigation, and the proposed class has its supporters.

The city of Berkeley, California, has been on the losing end of its own fight regarding the line between state and federal law when it comes to regulating radiofrequency levels, and it has asked the justices to take up the case to keep the Ninth Circuit from leaning too hard toward preemption.

The proposed class is represented by Matthew W.H. Wessler of Gupta Wessler PLLC.

Apple is represented by Joseph Russell Palmore of Morrison Foerster LLP.

The case is Andrew Cohen et al., Petitioners v. Apple Inc., case number 22-698, before the U.S. Supreme Court.

–Additional reporting by Jonathan Capriel. Editing by Daniel King.

4) Cece Doucette’s plans for this week which includes a very interesting Zoom meeting on Thursday.

Thursday, 7-8:30 p.m. ET, 4-5:30 PT via Zoom

1,000 Days and Nights Driven from One’s Home: EMF/RF/5G Forum



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