2023-04-19 New Initiatives for Tech Safe Schools

1) An excellent letter published in the local Salt Spring Island newspaper. This should be shared widely in hopes that more people will become aware of the facts that Telus, Rogers, Health Canada, WHO, ICNIRP and many others deny and distort.


2) Many are concerned about all of the wireless radiation to which children are exposed for hours every school day. Neither parents nor teachers are informed about the potential harm and School Board Trustees, even if informed, push for more, believing the industrial misinformation that all the wireless devices and Wi-Fi are necessary for an education in the 21st century. Tech Safe Schools has material and the expertise to help educate those who are most affected.

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Tech Safe Schools New Initiatives

“We have two new TechSafe School initiatives which we hope you will find helpful. The first is our new “Be TechSafe” laminated poster which we hope many teachers will agree to post in their classrooms. The simple recommended steps are based on peer-reviewed science from highly credible sources, and will not interfere in any way with a school’s digital learning program…

The second initiative we are offering is a short presentation/ ZOOM meeting between TechSafe School creators Patti or Doug Wood and your local teacher’s union. Most teachers are very open to expert presentations from non-profit organizations, especially about workplace health & safety issues. Teachers of child-bearing age are often particularly interested in learning more about this subject.”


3) Dr. Don Maisch has shared this paper, from 2006, about the problems in buildings and homes that create an unhealthy EMF environment, and advises what can be done to make the building healthier.

Electromagnetic Fields in the Built Environment – Design for Minimal Radiation Exposure

“This paper explores the evidence that another factor to be considered in Sick Building Syndrome and Indoor Environment Quality is exposure to prolonged and excessive electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Enough evidence now exists to justify taking a precautionary approach in building design to significantly reduce and minimise occupant exposure at relatively little cost at the planning and design stage.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of the truth.”     Albert Einstein

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