2023-04-18 TIME SENSITIVE: Reply Comments to the FCC – Sign-ons Due April 19th at 3 PM EST

1) URGENT: Please see time-sensitive info below in Letters. Hopefully, you will consider signing on.

2) This article expands on the third report by Hardell and Nilsson I shared in last night’s update about the effects of 5G on healthy people. Industry and ‘health’ authorities don’t seem to care about the potential dangers of this new and never-shown-to-be-safe technology.

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U.S. Invests $1.5 Billion to Spur 5G Rollout Despite New Evidence of ‘Devastating’ Health Issues

“Hardell — who has conducted epidemiological research on environmental toxins since the 1970s — said when he was publishing the world’s first case reports on the health effects of Agent Orange “people were actually mad” that large herbicide companies were spraying the chemicals in forests.

“The media was on their toes and really reported about all these things, which led to more studies,” he said.

But that’s not the case with 5G, he said. “There is complete darkness and silence in the media about this problem … the governments ignore this completely, and there is no political or media pressure on politics to do anything about this.”


3) Westfield, Massachusetts is benefitting from having a community-owned fiber optic network. Many parts of the city are connected now and the network is increasing. Service is cheaper, internet is faster, and controlled locally. Fiber to and through the home is a goal we should aim for and, hopefully, there will be a modem (ONT) that is safe, with all dirty electricity (harmonics) filtered out. Perhaps if the community owns the modem, a safe one can be provided. Right now the utilities own the modems — and dirty electricity is a problem.

This is from the Fiber Broadband Association:

Whip City’s Fiber Win

“Whip City Fiber, a subsidiary of Westfield Gas and Electric, emerged as the fiber consultant to 20 of the surrounding towns, assisting them in building and operating their own networks.

Proceeds from Whip City Fiber get rolled back into the business to continue expanding coverage. Westfield expects to be entirely served by gigabit speed fiber by 2025, with municipality buildings and potentially some businesses, to get an upgrade to 10 Gbps speeds along the way. The completed network will cover over 152 miles and 32 subdivisions in the city.”





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Subject: TIME SENSITIVE: Reply Comments to the FCC – Sign-ons Due April 19th at 3 PM EST

Dear Friends,

This is the third and final opportunity to reach out to the FCC and insist the rights of the EMS/EHS disabled be accommodated in this increasingly wireless world. The FCC extended the deadline to this Thursday, April 20th, so if you didn’t get a chance to sign on from our first email, you still can!

Even if your name appears on Scott’s draft of the final Reply Comments, we need for you to sign on again for this third round.

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You can sign on as an individual or as an organization (you can also include yourself and your position in the organization, if you choose). Although my letter says to email me at susan.foster@dotlaw.biz, you can simply reply directly to Odette Wilkins & Jenny DeMarco: info@wiredbroadband.org .   We are coordinating closely.

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