2023-04-04 Engineering fixes for a safer cellphone

1) A very interesting new report that provides:

1. an historical background for where we are today, with EMF exposures that are steadily increasing in strength and which are virtually ubiquitous, with guidelines driven by industry;

2. inexpensive and common-sense technical fixes that would result in safer cellphones — if only industry will acknowledge the need for them.

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Simple engineering fixes could dramatically reduce cellphone radiation, scientists say

Industry will now have to start competing on safety


“Six simple engineering fixes could dramatically reduce radiation emitted by cellphones according to a group of scientists. The fixes are easy to implement, and in one case the fix relies on technology already patented by the industry.”



The report:

Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Limits and Engineering Solutions

“Low-cost software and hardware modifications are proposed here for cellular phone RFR exposure mitigation:

(1) inhibiting RFR emissions in contact with the body,

(2) use of antenna patterns reducing the Percent of Power absorbed in the Head (PPHead) and body and increasing the Percent of Power Radiated for communications (PPR), and

(3) automated protocol-based reductions of the number of RFR emissions, their duration, or integrated dose.

These inexpensive measures do not fundamentally alter cell phone functions or communications quality. A health threat is scientifically documented at many levels and acknowledged by industries. Yet mitigation of RFR exposures to users does not appear as a priority with most cell phone manufacturers.”


2) An excellent follow-up on the item in last night’s update: ‘Here it is better not to be born’: Cobalt mining for Big Tech is driving child labor, deaths in the Congo”

Digital enlightenment: an invitation

“A few years ago, an engineer told me that calculating my carbon footprint by my monthly utility bill is like weighing an elephant by putting only the tip of its tail on the scale. Because, he said, buying any mass-produced item, including an “energy-efficient” tablet, an “energy-saving” appliance or even a solar PV system means engaging the global super-factory.

Mass production of anything, he explained, depends on worker-hazardous and ecologically-ravaging mining, fossil-fuel-powered smelters, water-polluting chemicals, assembly plants, energy-guzzling and radiation-emitting telecom access networks, and an intercontinental network of bunker-fuel-polluting ships, planes and airports, trains and rails, and trucks and roads.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”    Aldous Huxley

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