2023-03-30 Microwave Radiation and disappearing amphibians

1) From Dr. Louis Slesin, of Microwave News. Experts in various relevant fields believe that pulsed EMF could be the cause of the various symptoms called Havana Syndrome. Perhaps this will lead to the governments taking microwave radiation’s proven biological effects on the general public, especially children, more seriously.

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Pulsed RF: Plausible Cause of Havana Syndrome
Declassified Intelligence Report Renews Concern over RF Weapons

“A newly declassified, though heavily redacted, report from the intelligence community has put renewed emphasis on the possibility that the condition known as “Havana Syndrome” could be caused by pulsed RF energy.

“Electromagnetic energy, particularly pulsed signals in the radiofrequency range, plausibly explains the core characteristics [of Havana Syndrome, also called ‘anomalous health incidents’] although information gaps exist,” the intelligence panel concluded.”


The declassified report. It’s 153 pages and I have not read any of it yet. It is in response to an FOI from the James Madison Project which has the aim of reducing government secrecy.

https://media.salon.com/pdf/22-cv-674%20Final%20Response%20Package.pdf                                      The Executive Summary begins on page 7.

More info links: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/us-senate-finally-admits-that-neuroweapons-exist-passes-bill-to-help-diplomat-victims-s-1828-havana-act-of-2021/

2) March newsletter from our colleagues in South Africa:


3) Another provocative article by Arthur Firstenberg about the extreme reduction in numbers of amphibians, which parallels the proliferation of microwave radiation.


“Why, worldwide, are amphibians declining faster at high altitudes than at lower elevations where the climate is warmer? Could it be because the higher elevations receive more radiation, and because many antennas are found on mountains? Scientists have found no evidence that fish or non-native amphibians have caused native amphibians to go extinct. Land use change does not explain sudden population crashes in pristine protected areas. Pesticide use does not correlate with the population declines….

It is why wireless technology, which has placed a source of lethal radiation into the hands of almost every man, woman and child on earth, is such an emergency and must come rapidly to an end if we are so save our planet and the millions of other species who are still trying to share it with us. The frogs and salamanders are telling us that it is not a matter of choice, and it is not a matter of how far from our heads we hold our phones. It is a matter of their survival and ours.”


4) It seems counter-intuitive that material like wool or cotton, next to the skin, would increase the absorption of certain milliwave frequencies. Why doesn’t it block or reduce the penetration since these shorter waves have trouble transmitting through rain or can be hindered by a leaf?

Impact of Textile on Electromagnetic Power and Heating in Near-Surface Tissues at 26 GHz and 60 GHz

“This study provides a detailed quantitative analysis of the electromagnetic power absorption and temperature elevation in presence of a textile at 26 GHz and 60 GHz, frequencies upcoming for 5G and next generations of wireless communications systems. We demonstrate that a textile in contact or in proximity of skin impacts the power deposition and the consequent temperature elevation; in particular, cotton and wool in contact with skin increase the absorbed power density up to 41.5% at 26 GHz and 34.4% at 60 GHz.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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