2023-03-24 Time of Use rates are not popular in US

1) When BC Hydro applied for smeters in 2010, one of its justifications was being able to offer “time-of-use” rates [TOU]. This would not be possible without these dangerous, invasive devices. Time of Use offers rate reductions along with many related problems. Just to name a few:

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1. Rates are higher during the day when young families and disabled or elderly are at home. These are the most vulnerable and the least likely to be able to afford higher rates. They will need to heat or cool homes during the day and it will cost more.

2. People with young children cannot wait to cook, bathe, wash and dry clothes until the rates go down late at night.

3. Many people living in apartments, condos, etc. are restricted from using noisy machines like washing machines, dryers and dishwashers late at night when rates are lower. These are concerns that we must have addressed by BC Hydro before BCUC accepts its application.

Most Consumers Are NOT Signing Up for “Time of Use” Rates “which encourage shifting electricity use outside of peak demand times”

“Despite “record high” residential electricity prices, customers are not taking advantage of energy management and conservation programs offered by utilities, J.D. Power said in a report published Wednesday.

Only 14% of residential electricity customers participated in one or more energy management programs in 2022, the firm said, citing internal data. Similarly, only 11% took advantage of product rebates and 22% enrolled in pricing programs.”


2) Virtual reality headsets are being used in all levels of many schools. Are parents being told about the RF exposure to their children’s heads? Parents have to sign authorizations for field trips but are given no information about the wireless devices used in schools. Instead, they’re told these are great 21st century teaching tools. Schools should be given some of the information in last night’s update about the risks children face due to an environment polluted with EMFs — especially from devices worn on the head.

High School Uses AR/VR Headsets for Anatomy Class Despite Risks to Students

“AAR/VR technology continues advancing for morpractical applications, some K-12 schools are slowly making more use of the emerging technology to provide students with more interactive lessons. Among them is Saint Joseph Academy in Ohio, which recently began using HoloAnatomy software from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) — a fairly new AR/VR tool that allows users to visualize 3D holograms of the human body in detail for anatomy lessons.”


3) For decades, Dr. Lai has contributed so much to the study of health effects of EMFs, and continues to provide evidence of the harmful effects exposure, even at very low levels, in formats that we can use to educate others and initiate change.

Wireless radiation and free radicals

Dr Henry Lai, a Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, has put together a literature review of 290 relevant studies published since 1997.1 He found that ‘263 studies (91%) reported statistically significant effects of radiofrequency radiation on free radical-related cellular processes; only 27 studies (9%) found no significant effects.’

The studies showed that exposure to wireless radiation caused ‘consistent’ changes in multiple organs and systems of the body in humans and animals, including the brain, heart, liver, lung, kidney, eye, blood, skin, testis/semen, and embryo. It also affected plants.”


Dr. Lai’s report is a great resouce, with summaries of the studies starting on pg.164. If nothing else, I strongly recommend reading the first page — the Summary.

The Effects of Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure on Free Radical-Related Cellular Processes (290 studies)

“3. Effects can occur at low specific absorption rates (SAR) or power density of exposure. Seventy studies are marked LI for low intensity (≤ 0.4 W/kg). Of the 70 low intensity exposure studies, 68 studies (91%) reported significant effects on free radical-related cellular processes.

4. Effects have been reported at different frequencies, exposure duration, and modulations, and in different biological systems, cell lines, and animal species. These data support the assertion that “Radiofrequency radiation affects cellular free radical processes.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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