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1) ANSES in France. which is comparable to Health Canada, like Health Canada has been found to have leaders and scientists with conflicts of interest, resulting in poor transparency, using biased scientific ‘evidence’ while ignoring independent studies, leaving the public unaware of dangers and vulnerable for the sake of corporate profit. The Phonegate team wants to ensure that ANSES is not allowed to continue its negligence re. microwave radiation.

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ANSES’s credibility also called into question by its scientific council

“ANSES is therefore now being criticized INTERNALLY for a “lack of transparency” and independence.

Due to the numerous controversies that followed the opinions issued by ANSES on various subjects, in particular concerning exposure to electromagnetic waves, its Scientific Council deemed it necessary to appoint a working group entitled “Credibility of scientific expertise”, source of this report.”


2) A couple has fought AT&T and won — the cell tower near their home will not be built as per this email just rec’d. No explanation given. I’m providing this outline of their battle in the hopes that some of this might be useful to the many fighting cell towers near their homes, schools or hospitals right now. And many good suggestions and references from Dr. Moskowitz.

From: Christy X
Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 2:48 PM
To: Grant X
Subject: RE: Media inquiry – WHYY’s The Pulse

Hi Grant,

Thanks for reaching out.

Due to various reasons, we are no longer planning to build a small cell site at that location.

I’d encourage you to reach out to CTIA. Nick Ludlow or Jilane Rodgers Petrie could help you.


Christy Moran
Corporate Communications

1120 20th St NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Initial approval by Council Oct. 2022

Council approves development of wireless cell tower, denying resident’s appeal on medical basis

Council approves development of wireless cell tower, denying resident’s appeal on medical basis


From:  Dr. Joel Moskowitz

Overview of Cell Tower Health Issues

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits localities from basing their decisions exclusively on environmental effects when ruling on cell tower applications. The courts have interpreted environmental effects to include health effects. Thus, official bodies should not exclusively base their determinations on health effects because cell tower companies may sue and win.

Community members should present information on the health effects of cell tower radiation at official hearings anyway. Knowledge of these effects may alter the position of those who are indifferent about having a cell tower in their neighborhood.

As one wireless safety advocate advised …

” … we have the First Amendment. People opposing cell towers can present health concerns all they want in these official hearings, and I have done just that over and over. The official bodies cannot show they made a decision based upon this, but you cannot tell me that the information on health will not affect government body members who usually live in the community themselves. They should just finish their public comment stating ‘please vote to not approve this application because this tower has no place in a residential area, disturbs the appearance and fabric of the community, and as an eye sore will reduce the property value and appeal to new home buyers etc…’

We do not want to help the industry keep health effects out of the dialogue. Again I have spoken about health effects at many cell tower meetings.” (Note there are some limits on First Amendment rights.)

According to wireless safety advocates who have been successful in blocking cell towers, the following strategies are critical:

– Organize strong community opposition;
– Provide legitimate reasons to policy makers for denial of the application (e.g., zoning code violations, esthetic issues, sound problems, diminished property values), and
– Raise community health concerns with policy makers.
– Some communities have blocked cell towers based upon potential harm to protected species under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). See NRDC links below.

In the past two years, the Congress and the Federal Communications Commission have been working on legislation and rules to facilitate the deployment of hundreds of thousands of “small cell” antennas throughout the country to pave the way for 5G, the fifth generation of cellular technology. The industry anticipates deployment of 800,000 new cell antenna sites for the 5G rollout.

Following are some resources you may find useful.

Sharon Buccino. 5G Coming to Your Neighborhood? Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Dec 6, 2019. Updated June 10, 2020.

Sharon Buccino. 5G and the FCC: 10 Reasons Why You Should Care. NRDC. September 8, 2019.

Joel Moskowitz. We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is SafeScientific American, October 17, 2019.

Joel Moskowitz. Regulators Steamroll Health Concerns as the Global Economy Embraces 5GThe Washington Spectator, September 18, 2020

Americans for Responsible Technology

Physicians for Safe Technology


Environmental Health Trust

My EMR Safety website covers much of the science. Here are the most relevant links:

Health Effects of Cellphone & Cell Tower Radiation: Implications for 5G (UC Center for Occupational & Environmental Health / video & slides, 2021)
Radio Frequency Radiation Health Risks: Implications for 5G (Grand Rounds, UC San Francisco / video & slides, 2020)
Cell Phones, Cell Towers, and Wireless Safety (UC Berkeley presentation / podcast, transcript, video & slides, 2019)
5G Health Risks (9-minute BBC Radio interview, May 30, 2019)
Cell Tower Health Effects
Cell Phone Towers are Largest Contributor to Environmental Radiofrequency Radiation
Cell Tower Radiation Affects Wildlife: Dept. of Interior Attacks FCC

International EMF Scientist Appealhttps://emfscientist.org

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G
5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?
5G Wireless Technology: Millimeter Wave Health Effects
5G Wireless Technology: Cutting Through the Hype
5G Wireless Technology: Major newspaper editorials oppose “small cell” antenna bills

Government Accountability Office (GAO) 2020 Report on 5G
5G and Health (Netherlands Health Council)
European Parliament Workshop on 5G Health Effects 

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)
Cell Phone Safety Guidance from the California Public Health Department

NTP Cell Phone Radiation Study: Final Reports
Ramazzini Institute Cell Phone Radiation Study Replicates NTP Study

5G Global Protest
5G Day of Action

Comprehensive review paper:

Levitt BB, Lai H. Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays. Environmental Reviews.18: 369–395 (2010) doi:10.1139 /A10-018. Open access paper: http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1139/A10-018?src=recsys

Balmori, A. Evidence for a health risk by RF on humans living around mobile phone base stations: From radiofrequency sickness to cancer. Environmental Research (2022) doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2022.113851.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/citizens for Safer Tech

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