2023-03-11 Request to Connect with those with EHS

Please read the 2 important letters at the end of this update re Salt Spring’s battle with Rogers and attempt to co-ordinate with EHS sufferers.

1) I encourage you to take this opportunity to meet Andre Fauteux who has been educating on and advocating against the dangers of EMF for 30 years. Full zoom information is included in the newsletter (see link).

C4ST Community Meeting: Guest speaker Andre Fauteux

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

7:30 pm ET, 4:30 pm PT


2) Many of us noticed that while most of us were isolated in our homes, the telecom companies could be seen installing microcells along streets, near homes, schools, hospitals, etc. Means of protesting were limited and the telecoms were free to do whatever they wanted. And cell towers proliferated as the backbone of the grid grew.

Also, scientists were pondering a possible connection between 5G and Covid (e.g Beverly Rubik):


Pandemic Bill Mandate Accelerated 5G Rollout

“With millions of Americans suddenly working remotely, it’s an opportune time for regulators to move 5G forward — but it’s a move that has many experts concerned. Still, the legislation is moving forward under the guise of bringing faster internet to Americans, at any cost.”


3) Newsletter from Katie Singer “which includes a new piece co-authored by Miguel Coma and me about our digital footprint….and news about a Very cool new law in France.” The Coalition was one of the first groups to raise the issue that smeters have not been certified safe by any Professional Engineer.

We asked BC Hydro and FortisBC to have them certified many years ago, and many times, and the response was that this wasn’t needed. In fact, an Engineer told me that no Prof. Engineer would certify them safe because they are not safe, and to do so would put any license at risk.

(click on photos to enlarge)


Mapping Our Technosphere – February 2023 Newsletter

“Would other countries adopt the new decree passed in France? It prohibits corporations from calling their products “carbon neutral” without proof—without an annual assessment of the product’s cradle-to-grave greenhouse gas emissions.

How would tech development change if we recognized that all electrical equipment—including smart meters, cell phones, tablets, cellular antennas, solar PVs, electric vehicles and battery electric storage systems—pose fire hazards? (A Norwegian shipping company will not transport e-vehicles because ships cannot fight lithium-ion battery fires.)

How/would our technology landscape change if we insisted on documentation from a professional engineer (PE) that all hazards have been mitigated…before the equipment goes live? To regulators and legislators, could we repeatedly insist: “Please provide a copy of the professional engineer’s report certifying that the equipment’s hazards have all been mitigated.””




From: Oona McOuat (name given with permission)

Subject: re. Rogers’ disrespect of local disapproval of cell tower on Channel Ridge

Dear Friends,

Over my years of studying telecommunications corporate policy and antics, I have learned to take deep breaths and not get too worked up about things.

But this takes the cake!

I have just read the agenda package for the upcoming Salt Spring LTC March 16th meeting. It turns out that last month Chair Peterson wrote a really good letter to Rogers clarifying why our community does not support building the Rogers-CREST tower at the current Channel Ridge site.
(Pg 101-105 of the Agenda Package found at the link below.)

In response, Mike Krenz of Rogers personified the word “rude” by sending a 2 sentence reply to Chair Peterson, a reply which paid lip service to the concept of communication.
(Page 108 of the Agenda Package)

Krenz used the same tactic on March 8th when LTC Regional Planning Manager Chris Hutton wrote asking him to clarify the work done this past week at the Channel Ridge site. In response, Krenz sent an 8-word message and then attached the letter written to the LTC by his former colleague Ken Pungente of ISED in May 2022.
(Pages 122-125 of the Agenda Package.)

(Note – Mike Krenz used to be the head honcho for ISED’s office in Vancouver – the federal govt body in charge of siting towers – before he officially joined the payroll of Big Tech and Rogers. I call this a significant conflict of interest as he is now negotiating tower siting with the same ISED folks he used to work with.)

If you want to see the LTC’s excellent letter to Rogers, while learning the art of non-response from Mr. Krenz, check out pages 101 to 125 of the agenda package found here.

https://islandstrust.bc.ca/document/salt-spring-ltc-regular-meeting-agenda-18/ (some excellent letters to the LTC)

There is Power in Numbers – Please take a moment to Act

1. We need lots more folks to write short letters thanking the LTC for the action they have taken and asking them to now take legal action to stop Rogers – before the Channel Ridge tower is built, up and running.

Here are the email addresses to write to by this Monday, March 13th:


2. Please attend the noon Town Hall of the March 16 LTC meeting if you can:

Please note the new meeting venue:

Venue & Location:
64 Learning Hub

122 Rainbow Road

Have a Great weekend.

Oona McOuat


https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/ehs-electro-hypersensitive/  &  https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/ehs-electro-hypersensitive/

On Mar 9, 2023, at 7:31 AM, Sheena Symington <sheenasymington@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Everyone who I know who lives in British Columbia!

I would like to coordinate resources for those living with EHS in British Columbia (and elsewhere).

Can you please respond with any suggestions to my questions below?

I’m looking for the following:

1. Medical contacts who diagnose and/or treat, or are familiar with EHS. This would include any facilities (dentists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, etc) who turn off WiFi to provide access etc. I would like to help anyone needing access to health care facilities. To help with this, Magda and I have created a new set of Electromagnetic Hygiene slides. “What Doctors need to know to Prevent Electromagnetic Injury”: https://www.electrosensitivesociety.com/information-for-health-care-professionals/

2. Any low RF areas in which people can live in BC.

3. Others in BC who are looking for a low RF area and would benefit from living with others who have EHS.

4. EHS job opportunity suggestions.

5. Contact persons in BC to coordinate community and communications.

6. Tiny home builders in BC.

If you have any other suggestions, even if they are not located in BC they would be most appreciated as I will do this for each and every province/state.

Thank you!!

Sheena Symington
Electrosensitive Society, The ROSE Lab


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”   Lyndon B. Johnson

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