2023-02-27 Zoom meeting Tuesday, Feb. 28, with Dr. Cindy Russell

For the next week or so, updates will be sporadic as I will be traveling.

1) C4ST is inviting everyone to a zoom meeting on Feb. 28.

“From Toxins to Towers: A Primer on the Science of Wireless Health Effects” by Dr. Cindy Russell

Video and discussion Tuesday Feb. 28, 7:30 EST, 4:30 PST. Full details in Marg Friesen’s newsletter at this link.


2) A new study that might lead to understanding sensitivity to magnetic fields that affect many people.

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Animals’ ‘sixth sense’ is more widespread than previously thought

“The paper, published in Nature today makes significant advances in our understanding of how animals sense and respond to magnetic fields in their environment.

This new knowledge could also enable the development of novel measurement tools where the activity of biological cells—including potentially those in humans—can be selectively stimulated using magnetic fields….

Co-lead author Professor Ezio Rosato from The University of Leicester said, “This study may ultimately allow us to better appreciate the effects that magnetic field exposure might potentially have on humans.”


The study:

Essential elements of radical pair magnetosensitivity in Drosophila


3) China reveals plans to counter Musk’s ‘Starlink’

Chinese researchers are preparing to launch close to 13,000 satellites into a low-earth orbit, in a move which would dwarf – and potentially monitor – Elon Musk’s SpaceX ‘Starlink’ network, which first launched in 2019 and provides satellite internet access to 50 countries….

The projected number of ‘GW’ satellites would surpass Starlink’s current total of around 3,500. SpaceX plans to have 12,000 devices in its constellation of satellites by 2027, with that figure eventually rising to 42,000.”


4) In Letters below is information about a study for which Dr. Gunter Heuser needs volunteer participants. I have asked and he said that Canadians are eligible.

5) Scroll down at the link to find a good newsletter with lots of info about things happening in the USA at this site.

EMF Safety Network : February 2023 Newsletter



Hello concerned reader,

If there was an FDA safe & approved prescription to prevent reaction to EMF Exposure would you, or a friend, want to hear about the details?

My client and friend, Gunnar Heuser M.D., Ph.D., is looking for participants in a promising new medical study.
See Dr. Heuser’s site:


If you are symptom free at home & when you are out that is great.

If you still have symptoms, particularly when you are out of the house this will be of interest to you.

Do you know others who may be interested in hearing more about this?
Please forward this email to them.

Please see the link  from Dr. Heuser for details and how to contact him.



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