2023-02-23 Bent science — Toxic Chemicals & Smeters

1) In a mountainous area of the USA, cell towers are spreading just as they are everywhere. Part of the problem, why health concerns are ignored, is that the FCC, like ISED (and Health Canada), is in the business of promoting industry. That is their mandate and there are no agencies actively involved in protecting the public from microwave radiation.

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Wireless radiation: Hide yo kids, hide yo wildlife

“Dozens, if not hundreds, of satellite antennas and towers loom across Teton County.

When asked if there are any health problems with the wireless radiation emitted by those facilities, many local officials were silent.

“We don’t have anything really to say on that subject,” said Jodie Pond, the director of the Teton County Health Department….

The problem is that the FCC is concerned with “promoting competition,” “supporting the nation’s economy” and encouraging the “highest and best use of spectrum.” Consumer health is not highlighted as a priority on the commission’s site. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 hasn’t been updated since the days of 2G and flip phones, and that act is what governs the FCC’s current radio frequency regulations.”


2) Industries and the corporations that profit from creating false scientific evidence and misleading the public depend upon bent scientists. Two of the most prominent corporations are Exponent and Gradient. Examples of bent scientists are Dr. William Bailey and Dr. Peter Valberg. BC Hydro and FortisBC have hired Exponent a number of times to support their applications for smeters. There are many books about these corporations, such as “Doubt is their Product” by Dr. David Michaels:


For the right price these companies and unscrupulous “scientists” will defend even the most indefensible products.

The Alarming Link Between the Ohio Train Derailment’s Vinyl Chloride Leak and Smart Meters: A Mercenary Scientist Dictating Public Policy

Rigged Science

Peter Valberg’s work is also featured in the “Science for Sale” series article “Meet the ‘rented white coats’ who defend toxic chemicals when he, along with Evan Nelson, came up with a scheme to defend the asbestos industry by shifting the blame for mesothelioma to tobacco….

That was the same week that he testified before the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities over-riding citizen health concerns about wireless smart utility meters.

His (unsubstantiated) opinion also formed the basis of a presentation given to the National Conference of State Legislatures justifying smart meter safety in 2012. Public utility commissions across the U.S. were influenced by or relied on Valberg’s opinion when authorizing the installation of wireless utility meters, despite reported harm, including the acute onset of neurological complaints,microwave illness, disability, and sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.”

The Alarming Link Between the Ohio Train Derailment’s Vinyl Chloride Leak and Smart Meters: A Mercenary Scientist Dictating Public Policy


3) Here is a chance to learn how fiber optic cable is expanding into rural areas in the USA and, hopefully, will do so in Canada in the near future. Registration is required.

How Connect2first and Other Rural Utility Providers are Deploying Broadband to Their Communities Faster

“The Fiber Broadband Association invites you to join us for a webinar on Monday, February 27, at 3:30pm EST.

In the webinar, we explore how Connect2First, a subsidiary of First Electric Cooperative, and a number of rural utility companies are navigating today’s broadband funding, deployment, and supply chain challenges with a turnkey delivery and digital construction approach.”




Re. Comox Valley

From: “VISTA – Vancouver Island Safe Tech Alliance” <VISafeTechAlliance@proton.me>
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2023 9:42:11 PM
Subject: **MTG DELAYED** Cell Tower NOT on CVRD EASC Meeting meeting for Mon, Feb 27 (Proposed tower for 1388 Ellenor Road pushed back)

Hello everyone! This just in: the proposed cell tower at 1388 Ellenor Road will NOT be on the CVRD agenda for Mon, Feb 27. It has been postponed until Monday, Mar 6 at 10 am. On Friday March 3, be sure to check the Agenda to make sure it hasn’t been postponed again:


CALL OUT FOR HELP! Also, we are busy going door-to-door to collect signatures on our petition. See sample at:


We need volunteers to help…

– going door to door in the 500 m radius of the Ellenor Rd tower
– people to call/email those who have signed the petition (to confirm the addresses we didn’t collect)
– someone to help with the final tally and calculation of % opposed to the tower

This strategy of showing majority opposition against the tower through a petition was successfully used to stop a tower in Campbell River and Merville years ago.

If you can help, please reply to this email telling which tasks you can help with!

Thank you, everyone. We are pulling together an AMAZING team!


Vancouver Island Safe Tech Alliance (VISTA)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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