2023-02-22 Thurs. Zoom meeting for all concerned re. Cell Towers

1) A note of thanks from Dr. David Carpenter.

Hi Everyone:

I am so grateful to each of you for your support during this trying time that I have had between the University at Albany and Monsanto. It is sad that even universities are so intimidated by big and evil corporations that they respond in a manner that interferes with student education, academic freedom and harms to the reputation of scientists that are only focused on protecting the health of the public.

Thanks much – David Carpenter

LISTEN:  Podcast w/ Dr. David Carpenter and Rebecca Martin, Riverkeeper with Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Magazine

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/suny-albany-restores-dr-david-carpenters-teaching-status/id1302308929?i=1000601175530 (starts @ 4:45 min. for approx. 10 min.)

Please see letter below regarding a Zoom call with Dr. Carpenter tomorrow, Thursday, 3:05 pm PST.

2) Compilation of Abstracts of 290 studies published since 1997 on free radical effects of RFR by Dr. Henry Lai at University of Washington. Henry has studied the bio effects of RFR for decades and is one of the world’s foremost and most respected researchers and experts on the topic.

The Effects of Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure on Free Radical-Related


3) There have been many studies and reports warning about the dangers of allowing children, even babies, to use or watch computers or “smart” phones. Here is yet another. Please circulate to young women who have ,or expect to have, babies. Many believe that they are giving their children a head-start by introducing them to the computer world as early as possible.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Screen-time warning: Toddlers given tablets, phones to play with can suffer lasting brain damage

“Sitting toddlers down in front of a screen all day can do lasting damage to their brains, a new study warns. Scientists in Singapore add that the harm to screen-watching infants persists into late childhood, even beyond the age of eight.”


4) Below in Letters are full details about connecting to an important Zoom meeting for anyone who is concerned about cell towers, large and small. It’s Thursday, Feb. 23, 6:15 PST.

Inviting All Canadian Residents Concerned about Cell Towers and Smaller Cell Antennas





Tomorrow, Thursday 2/23 at 6:00pm EST ( 3:00 PST) will likely be our last meeting of “the Carpenters” where we will provide an update on what it took to get SUNY Albany to fully restore Dr. Carpenter’s teaching status and his ability to serve as an expert witness. Note that an all important trial against Monsanto, filed by the St. Regis Mohawks due to severe PCB contamination, are slated to start in a few weeks. David will be the key witness addressing the dangers of PCBs.

Dr. Carpenter will join our Thursday Zoom at 6:05. You will want to hear from him.


Also, save the date for a celebration. David will also be presented an award for his courage and for being a scientist who works in the public interest. The event will take place on Sunday, March 19 at 2pm at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy. Zero waste Potluck after the presentations. Visit their website and join their mailing list for more details.

As this will likely be my final update to the whole groupif you are not a member of Riverkeeper, please consider becoming one and support our important organizing work for campaigns like this one. We give thanks to you for joining us.

Rebecca Martin


Community Partnerships Program


Meeting Feb 23 at 9:30 ET (6:30 PT):

Inviting all Canadian Residents Concerned about Cell Towers & Smaller Cell Antennas


To: (AD) VISTA <visafetechalliance@proton.me>
Hello and thank you for deciding to join us!

One of our big goals with this group is to connect people across the country, so that information and stories can be shared and communities created! We will talk more about this during the meeting.

Once you’ve joined the meeting tomorrow, please introduce yourself by typing the following into the chat:
Why you joined the meeting
Helpful skills or knowledge that you have
Where you are located (city, prov)

After tomorrow’s meeting, there is a tentative plan to have another meeting the following week on, Thurs Mar 2 at the same time.

Here’s the link to the meeting tomorrow, Thurs Feb 23:

Doors open at 9:15pm ET. (6:15 Pacific time).

When you arrive, you will be in a Waiting Room; thank you in advance for your patience while the Host must individually admit each person who arrives.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 815 9501 4441


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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