2023-02-17 Rogers’ tower on Hornby Island, concerns raised

1) According to this letter, a 200 foot Rogers’ antenna was approved during the Christmas season by Islands Trust in a manner that prevented members of the community to raise and discuss concerns. If there is action being taken to confront what appears to be inadequate consultation, please let me know at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca.    Please put “Hornby” on the subject line.

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LETTER: Urgent call for action regarding cell tower proposal on Hornby

“Community members of Hornby Island have many questions regarding the public consultation process underway regarding the installation of a telecommunications tower by Rogers on our island….

There are many concerns regarding the location of the tower (Crown land near highly populated areas and earmarked for low-income housing), its present and future purposes, the need for a tower, health and safety issues, the risk of forest fires, the sensory impact of a 200-foot antenna running live for 24 hours, depreciation of land values and many others. This is a very complex issue and the rushed process — forced to take place over the busy Christmas season —has not given the community time to absorb and understand the complexities in a reasoned and convincing manner…

Expressions of concern are being raised throughout the community, including members of the fire department, the depot staff, the elementary school, the social housing committee, the Spark, and a large number of residents.”


2) 5G is progressing madly in Australia with Optus using 900 MHz which travels far, penetrates well, and isn’t bothered by rain, leaves, etc. as milliwaves are. Meanwhile, Vodafone tested milliwave beams.

Optus and Vodafone Both Announced 5G Breakthroughs This Week

“Optus has switched on its 900Mhz low band spectrum which it said will extend its 5G footprint, while Vodafone claimed a new 5G high-speed score…

Starting with Optus, and this week the telco, in partnership with Ericsson, switched on its 900Mhz low band spectrum, which it said will extend Optus’ 5G footprint and increases its 5G coverage by “20 per cent on a per-site basis”. That means that each tower that has 5G would increase its footprint by 20 per cent.

Optus said a total of close to 1,000 sites have been activated with 5G 900MHz to date with the rollout “progressively continuing”.”


A significant review should be used to educate Councils, to fight telecoms and ISED re. new cell towers. We know that these towers are needed for the 5G infrastructure. This article discusses studies and reports re. 5G, their flaws, strengths, and findings.

The assumption of safety is being used to justify the rollout of 5G technologies

“The long-term effects of these signals on humans and the environment are unknown. Scientific literature reviews investigating biological harm from mmWave usage have concluded … no in-depth conclusions can be drawn… and no confirmed evidence … Unfortunately, these statements of scientific uncertainty have been used by industry and government advisory bodies to reassure the public of the safety of the 5G rollout.”


3) Water Smeters are being installed in some cities in California after previously being rejected. Justification is that they are good for the drought. It seems the contractor “misled” the Council with its claims that smeters would result in water and energy savings.

BC Hydro and ITRON misled the government, too, about cost savings, safety, etc. If these things are so good, why must the utilities and manufacturers misrepresent these things to get them approved?

Sebastopol: Rethink smart water meters

“Why did Sebastopol, who banned smart meters in 2013, do this? Syserco, a registered contractor for PG&E, sold the 2.2 million dollar project to Sebastopol as a water and energy savings initiative. Council members promoted the meters as a climate action solution. When asked to provide clarifying information on the purported savings, Syserco wrote:

“…there has never been a claim that the new meters “save energy, save water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” Mark Twain

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