2023-02-07 Anxiety due to smeters

1) From Barb Payne in Toronto — it was time sensitive. Sorry, I didn’t get it until today. Never too late to make comments about a “safer internet” because I see nothing about health.

“20th annual international Safer Internet Day (especially re kids). Right now it’s trending with twitter hashtag #SaferInternetDay (I’m sure that’s on other socials too).

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2) How was your last BC Hydro bill? If your bill was unusually (outrageously high), please let me know at:


Could it have anything to do with the ‘upgrading’ that recently occurred?

From a member:

“We just received the highest Hydro bill ever ($610 for a two month period and we primarily heat with wood). i wonder if there are others with Radio off meters experiencing the same thing? It was winter (Nov 24-January 25) but we can’t understand why our usage went up 12% from the same period last year.

This is a new meter as they demanded our old one be sent to Measurement Canada. We keep track of the meter movement ourselves but who knows if it is working accurately?

We have an analog meter measuring the usage in the rental cottage and he only uses about $15 a month of Hydro which includes light, fridge, hot water heater, some heat and his other appliances (computer, washer, dryer, but not the stove which is gas). Hard to fathom how ours could be 20 times that amount!”

3) Perfect timing for this article about stress caused by smeters, whether sending signals all day or not.

Charities Warn “Smart” Meter Anxiety is Rising; “It’s almost like a demon on your shoulder constantly reminding you how much you’ve spent”

“Charities have said they are hearing rising reports of smart meter anxiety.

Age UK and disability rights charity Scope have told the BBC that although smart meters can help with budgeting they can also have a negative impact on people’s mental health.

Common signs of smart meter anxiety include repeatedly checking your smart meter, worrying about what it means for your finances and feeling out of control, said BBC Morning Live’s Dr Ran.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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