2023-02-03 Lawsuit re iPhones update

1) There is no question that some iPhones were found to emit levels of radiation that violate the FCC guidelines and customers were not told. (The same thing is happening in Canada — and the government does not care. Maybe this can help us.) A lawsuit was filed based on consumer fraud. Lower Courts found for the plaintiff but on appeal, the Court said that FCC could basically do anything because of the 1934 Telecommunications Act. This would mean that there are no guidelines to protect users of cellphones. The case, hopefully, will be heard by the Supreme Court of the US.

iPhone Users Seek SCOTUS Review of Radiation Preemption Ruling

“IPhone users asked the US Supreme Court to review a decision disallowing claims alleging Apple Inc. failed to disclose that some phones can emit radiofrequency radiation above federal limits.

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said their claims were preempted by federal law, widening a circuit split over the preemptive effect of certain Federal Communications Commission guidelines, consumers said in a recently docketed petition for review. Its decision also presents a “golden opportunity” for much-needed guidance on when agency action preempts state-law claims, they said.”


The legal case documents can be found here:

No. 22-698
Title: Andrew Cohen, et al., Petitioners v. Apple Inc.
Docketed: January 26, 2023
Linked with 22A427
Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Case Numbers: (20-17307)
Decision Date: August 26, 2022


2) Someone who lives in the Cowichan Station-Wilson Rd/ Bruce Road area of the Cowichan Valley has seen 4-5 surveyors walking along the road in this rural area over the last 2-3 days.They walk a few feet, stop and take notes. They even walked about 20 ft. up his driveway. When asked, they said they are working on something for BC Hydro but wouldn’t say more.

Is this happening elsewhere? Might anyone know what could be going on? If so, please email me at:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “surveyors” on the subject line.

3) A member sent me a reminder that the Libertarian Party has been against smeters. Here is the pertinent section of their 2020 platform:

Smart Meters — Private Property Owners Get The Choice


4) Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in groups in the USA about smeters, after a long period where they were barely discussed. It appears that more people are becoming aware of the many problems associated with them and are now questioning why they are on homes. Like the iPhones in item #1, these radiation-emitting devices were put on our homes, we were told they were safe — we were not told the truth.

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Attorney on Utility “Smart” Meters: “yet another invasion of individual liberty, autonomy and privacy”; Engineer: ‘They’re all bad’
Why Smart Meters Are Good for Utility Companies, Bad for Consumers

“Proponents of smart meters say the devices promote energy conservation by providing detailed feedback to consumers about their habits, but critics say the technology can be harmful to health and it poses real privacy concerns.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/ Citizens for Safer Tech
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