2023-02-01 Video of Eileen O’Connor’s presentation

1) An interesting newsletter with articles on topics ranging from the recent LA County decision to give telecoms free rein, to smeters, EVs and a proposed bill in Massachusetts re. healthy homes.

When A Tree Falls and No One Hears? What About Fires Due to Frenzied “Climate” and “Safety” Initiatives, and No One Listens?

“First, there was the issue of health complaints associated with smart meters. Response? Deny, Defend, Attack, Ridicule, Marginalize, and Surcharge for Often Inadequate, Incomplete Accommodation

Health harm was also accompanied by reports of fires from flammable smart meters, (fatality included) in addition to planned obsolescence, which is not sustainable.  Response? Deny, ignore, and pass the buck for costs. See ”Smart meter catches fire, utility company denies homeowners’ damage claim, BGE: “Equipment failure due to normal wear and tear” tells the story of a Baltimore County couple who said “their smart meter “exploded” causing nearly $1,500 in damage to their home. They filed a claim with BGE to pay for the repairs, but it was denied.”

When A Tree Falls and No One Hears? What About Fires Due to Frenzied “Climate” and “Safety” Initiatives, and No One Listens?


2) Some authors associated with ORSAA (Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc.) have published an important paper on scientific evidence, or lack thereof, on 5G millimeterWave safety.

The assumption of safety is being used to justify the rollout of 5G technologies

“… this article takes one step back from reviews to the original papers, so as to provide a visible overview of the existing mmWave evidence base. It then examines how the science is being conducted and communicated, finding errors in reasoning that cloud judgements and the subsequent conclusions drawn from the existing research….

… within the main topics investigated, we have made evident the number of studies showing effects vs. the number of studies showing no effects “regardless of the study design, merit, flaws, experimental quality, shortcomings, limitations, or methodological weaknesses””


3) Here is the link to Eileen O’Connor’s excellent presentation in the C4ST general meeting, last Tuesday, in case you missed it.


Eileen also provided her powerpoint slides and letter.

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“Here is a link to my recent letter against smart meters promoted via Children’s Health Defense today

EM Radiation Research Trust – Letter of Complaint Against Smart Meters


I also gave a powerpoint presentation for Canadian’s for Safe Technology (C4ST) last week. It is now available to download as a (pdf) file.”:



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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