2023-01-27 Analog meters are available in the USA

1) From someone in the USA who has been fighting for people to be able to refuse smeters. I thought of particular interest his testimony that analogs are readily available. I don’t know what is involved in “refurbishing” them but they have lasted for decades without any care or maintenance so I would expect refurbishing to be little more than cleaning and ensuring they are accurate.

We know that BC Hydro destroyed brand new analogs and all the ones they removed from homes, some of which were relatively new. This meant that BC Hydro could say there were none available, but they also said/implied that analogs were not available anywhere, even refurbished ones. We, the people of BC, and BCUC were sold a bill of goods by the government back in 2010 with its Clean Energy Act.

“Neither sustainability or costs mean anything good when dealing with utility monopolies that get a guaranteed rate of return [12-14%] based on what they spend. If PUC’s were not “subsidiaries” of utilities and rate structures were different then things might change. As it is, there is a disincentive for utilities to actually save money. Our testimony made quite clear that refurbished analog meters were readily available and CMP could send in their own for refurbishing and recertification for accuracy. The refurbished analogs come with a 2 year warranty vs. 1 year for a new Itron solid state, cost less, last longer, are safe and of course are the “green” or sustainable solution which certainly our state pays quite a bit of lip service to. We might as well be talking to a wall. Even though safety wasn’t the direct focus of our complaint it was certainly included, but, if the PUC has found regular smart meters to be safe, or safe enough, then logic certainly precludes them from finding that a smart meter with radio transceiver removed would be unsafe.”

2) This is a truism: Garbage in, garbage out. WHO is an organization that gathers data from countries around the world but, according to this article, it doesn’t use it well or impartially. Without accurate, consistent and timely data, it is impossible for experts to determine patterns and risks. It’s almost as if WHO doesn’t want to know if neurological, cardiac and cancer deaths are increasing.

EMF/RF/5G Health Indicators and the World Health Organization: Who is Counting, and Who Doesn’t WHO Count?

“World Health Organization Data

WHO Problem #1: Delayed Data Access

WHO Problem #2: Age Group Classifications Distorts Pattern Recognition

WHO Problem #3: Imposing Arbitrary Parameters That Obscure Pattern Recognition


EMF/RF/5G Health Indicators and the World Health Organization: Who is Counting, and Who Doesn’t WHO Count? – Safe Tech International

EMF/RF/5G Health Indicators and the World Health Organization: Who is Counting, and Who Doesn’t WHO Count?

3) Important news from Cece Doucette — another cell tower victory — this one in Canton, Mass. The petition that was circulated in Canton provides a good example of what communities can do. Even though telecoms are given a lot of latitude by ISED, this sort of petition can influence decisions made by Councils and can cause telecoms to revisit their applications.

Click to watch Canton Zoning Board of Appeals discussion starting at 31:42.

It’s instructional to hear what the Vertex Towers attorney Parisi tells our towns. At 107:13 attorney Matthews speaks on the abutters’ behalf, and at 119:30 the Board goes into deliberations — it was a nail biter!


Thank you as well to attorneys Robert Berg and local land use attorney Suzanne Matthews, and those who signed the petition created by Saffiya Mason.  Click here  https://www.change.org/p/in-opposition-to-the-tower to see eight to see eight clear reasons why this was an inappropriate location for a cell tower — perhaps you can start a similar petition in your town as warranted.”

And more from Cece. It’s great that young people like Amelia are getting involved, but it’s tragic that she is doing it because she became ill after a cell tower was installed near her home. Hopefully more young people will learn by listening to Amelia and others before they are made ill.

Cheers to Amelia!

“Bravo to fourteen-year-old Amelia Gilardi, who has been displaced along with her family and neighbors by a toxic Verizon cell tower in Pittsfield, MA.

Last night at the Berkshire Water Celebration she educated her community on the very harmful effects of wireless technology on us and our water resources.

Click below to read Amelia’s speech.

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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