2023-01-24 More evidence that 5G is a failure/scam

1) One good thing that has come from 5G is that more people are becoming educated about the dangers associated with wireless radiation. Look at the list of presentations Theodora Scarato of EHT has done just in the New York area. People became concerned and aware — resulting in a moratorium on 5G poles in a specific area of New York City. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

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Opposition to 5G Increases in the Big Apple; Community Boards Take Action to Stop Deployment

January 16, 2023 Letter on 5G Poles from New York Manhattan Borough President to Matthew C. Fraser Chief Technology Officer Office of Technology & Innovation of The NYC Office of Technology & Innovation

“…many residents have reported serious concerns about the site selection, outreach, and community engagement process. Residents have reported not adequately being informed about the placement of 5G towers in their neighborhoods, and many have questioned specific site selections and the fundamental need for the new towers taking up vital public space. We must better communicate with the local community, and better educate New Yorkers about these installations.”


You can read the moratorium and the minutes at the link below. Poles with transmitters were being placed less than 10 feet from buildings, apartments, etc. The moratorium was passed unanimously.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a moratorium be placed on construction and planning of Link5G poles and devices in Community District 8 Manhattan


2) For some time now, industry people have been saying that 5G is a failure, that the technology using mmWaves won’t work, etc. The towers being put all over the place, and the microcells on poles outside homes, are emitting more and more EMF/EMR into our environment — and offering no new or significantly improved service, placing transmitters emitting low frequency, highly dangerous closer to our homes without community approval or involvement. People are upset — rightly so — as they are in New York. The industry is playing us to sell more phones — the 5G phones will be replaced by 6G phones. Once the marketplace is saturated, with everyone having the product, they need to trick people into buying a new one, using up valuable resources and adding to pollution with old phones that still work.

The Disappointment of 5G

“There is still not a good business case that can drive the new revenues needed to justify spending a lot of money on 5G. Because of this, most of the 5G specification has not been implemented….

Instead of 5G that follows the specifications, we’ve gotten more marketing hype where the cellular carriers have labeled the new spectrum from the FCC as 5G. There is almost none of the 5G specification in this product, and the product labeled as 5G still uses 4G LTE technology….

The most ludicrous thing about the 5G story is that the industry is now hyping 6G. This new marketing hoax is focusing on some of the mid-range spectrum that was originally touted as being part of the 5G war – but the marketers rightfully assume that most customers won’t understand or care about the facts.”

The Disappointment of 5G


3) Fiber Broadband Association holds weekly “breakfast meetings”, which are at 7am PT. If this is not a good time for you to attend live, the sessions are recorded for those who sign up. This sounds like a very interesting meeting, and I am sorry I didn’t learn of it sooner.

Fiber to the Trailer Park

“As we work to close the digital divide, thousands of Americans live in non-traditional homes. 17.7 million people (5.6% of the population) live in manufactured homes across the country. Further, 1 million Americans live in recreational vehicles full-time and over 9 million families travel in RVs. That’s nearly 30 million people and families that need access to Gigabit broadband but may be challenged to get fiber. This session with Joe Costello, CEO of Kwikbit Internet, will explore strategies to close the digital divide in these non-traditional environments.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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