2023-01-16 Making your Tech Safe

1) After having smeters in place for more than 10 years in many places, problems continue to be experienced. In North America, unless a home has a monitor it is hard, if not impossible, to determine if the smeter is registering usage properly. In the UK, the system is different and many people complain that the smeter is not working properly, registering much higher usage than it should.

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Faulty Smart Meter Displays Affect Thousands of Customers; “it’s likely to take months to fix the problem

“In the U.K., “smart” meter complaints and issues continue to escalate and include forcing ½ million of the poorest households to accept prepayment smart meters even when they can’t afford to prepay. Of course, no matter what kind of smart meters have been installed, they often don’t operate properly, which is also currently happening again in the UK.”


2) Many are concerned, and rightly so, about microwave radiation being emitted by devices over which we have little or no control like cell towers and microcells. But many homes have higher levels of RF from devices in the homes, devices that the homeowner can control, like baby monitors, cell phones, DECT (cordless phones), etc. Shelley Wright made this video with lots of great information about how to use devices more safely, reducing the amount of EMF/EMR you and your family are exposed to — a belated Christmas gift.

SAFE TECH for the Holidays

“Protect your family over the holidays with safe tech devices. Learn about wired versions of wireless products and how you can use simple adaptors to reduce wireless (microwave radiation) in your home.”

https://youtu.be/7j3aIlNr-_U    (1:08 hr.)

3) Kate Kheel pays homage to Martin Luther King, Jr. (on this US holiday) — and we do need to continue to dream.

On Our Way Home to Fulfilling A Dream

“We’re now in the throes of the ultimate form of othering as Big Tech and its handlers strive to connect every event, thing, and human to the internet, imagining that by doing so we will have complete control and mastery over Earth and all life. We dehumanize one another yet further by converting people into gigabytes of meaningless 1s and 0s which form the digital profiles of every internet-connected person on the planet. Included in the future vision of Big Tech et al, are plans to colonize the moon, space, Mars and beyond, as Earth is showing signs of wear-and-tear and may soon be “used up”. Could there be any greater manifestation of othering than viewing Earth herself as disposable?

Power over is growing commensurately with the expansion of technology. Big Tech is quite literally colonizing our minds and lives by harvesting mountains of data to be used to manipulate our actions and choices. Coupled with the effects of artificial electromagnetic frequencies on our pineal gland, our migration into cyber space has caused estrangement from our own inner intuition, guidance, imagination, and will.”

On Our Way Home to Fulfilling a Dream



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”      Martin Luther King, Jr.

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