2023-01-03 Whales with Alzheimer’s?

1) Another thought-provoking article by Patricia Burke. This one deals with studies showing significant increases in neurological diseases, especially Alzheimers, occurring in 2008-2010 years compared with rates 20 years earlier. The increases are dramatic, especially in the US and now similar symptoms have been found in whales. Might this be due to exposure to undersea EMF exposure?

EMF/RF/5G Reassessing News of Whale Beaching, Alzheimer’s Brain Plaque, and ‘Sick Leader’ Syndrome

“As 2022 came to an end, a select number of publications shared news that researchers discovered that whales beached off the coast of Scotland were found to have plaque in their brains associated with Alzheimer’s in humans….

All of these changes are hallmarks for Alzheimer’s disease onset, especially in humans. For three of these animals, the team says their amyloid-beta plaques and other dementia-related changes showed a clear path towards developing an Alzheimer’s-like condition. However, scientists are unable to say if dolphins suffer the same levels of cognitive decline that humans do as these brain changes develop over time.

EMF/RF/5G Reassessing News of Whale Beaching, Alzheimer’s Brain Plaque, and ‘Sick Leader’ Syndrome


One study referenced in the above article which asks if environmental factors are responsible for the increase rather than genetic ones alone.

Neurological deaths of American adults (55–74) and the over 75’s by sex compared with 20 Western countries 1989–2010: Cause for concern.

“The nature of any environmental factors are uncertain but there have been major environmental changes; including increased population, economic activity, substantial rises in road and air travel; increased home technology involving background electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers), which are unique to these later years and these possible environmental factors cannot be ignored, especially as they probably interact. This list of possible features might be described as “modern living” and the USA is the epitome of “modern living.””

Neurological deaths of American adults (55–74) and the over 75’s by sex compared with 20 Western countries 1989–2010: Cause for concern


2) C4ST’s first newsletter of the year, filled with plans for continuing to educate about wireless radiation

Wishing you the best for 2023 and beyond,
The C4ST Team

“A big THANK-YOU for responding to C4ST “Calls to Action” and other actions taken to create more awareness about wireless radiation and impacts on our health and the environment.
We are making a difference!”


3) We all know that wireless devices are very vulnerable to hacking. A “smart home” hack can result in everything from being a nuisance to being dangerous — and this article doesn’t even deal with medical devices in homes, like pacemakers, breathing and dialysis machines.

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University Researchers Create App “capable of tearing smart home security apart”

“Smart devices can make life a lot easier. We may not have flying cars or robot butlers, but the ability to control electrical appliances throughout your home via an app or your voice is arguably the one sci-fi future prediction that we did get a functional version of. Unfortunately, it turns out your smart home does have its flaws, and those flaws could leave you vulnerable to attacks.

A basic smart home isn’t difficult or expensive to set up, and most people can live in one if they choose to. A smart speaker or hub like Amazon’s Alexa isn’t completely necessary, but people often center their smart home around one as it allows them to control other devices with voice commands. Other common smart devices people purchase include smart bulbs, smart plugs, thermostats, and cameras. Your smart home can even be used to start your car, provided you have a certain model or have a compatible remote starter retrofitted.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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