2022-11-02 CELA webinars re. CEPA

1) The 3rd and final video in this series. Please share widely because this is a topic about which many care and many more need to know.

Ecological Threats of the Connected World and 5G — Part 3

Impact of RFR exposure on insects

“Vibeke Frøkjær Jensen DVM PhD (radiology and genetics) is a Danish veterinarian and scientist, working mainly at Danish universities since 1994. She has made important contributions in different fields including quantitative genetics and virology, but her main research field is veterinary epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance epidemiology.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU4Qnehuqak    (17:30 min.)

2) Telus is considering a major 5 storey development in Gordon Head (Saanich) in Victoria. This sounds very bizarre to me — a high density rental building that includes telecom network infrastructure. What does this mean for the residents and the nearby area as far as exposure to EMFs is concerned? The public should be involved and ask for full public consultation before the new mayor and council approve.

TELUS proposal could deliver rental housing to Saanich’s Gordon Head neighbourhood

“A nearly 100-unit rental complex has been proposed by telecommunications giant TELUS and Victoria-based Aryze Developments for several parcels at Feltham Road and Tyndall Avenue in Gordon Head….

Planned for 1805-1811 Feltham Road, TELUS and partner Aryze have unveiled plans to redevelop a TELUS network facility into TELUS Living, a five-storey, purpose-built rental project that hopes to provide high density housing to Gordon Head in addition to network infrastructure for the telecom.”


3) There were 4 excellent webinars hosted by CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association) and Nature Canada, all of which are now available via video. Complete sets of slides, that were included with the presentations, are being shared. CEPA is desperately in need of amendments/updating, and this is great opportunity to learn about CEPA’s shortcomings and how, with public support and input, they can be addressed.

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Where’s the Protection? A Webinar Series on the Review and Reform of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

“Robust changes to CEPA are urgently needed during the upcoming parliamentary process if CEPA is to be protective of the environment and health in the coming years. This four-part webinar series will take place between September to October and will demonstrate the need for the following amendments to CEPA:

  • Apply the precautionary principle and preventative measures through mandatory pollution prevention on toxic substances including cancer-causing substances and endocrine disrupting substances,
  • Improve enforcement tools in CEPA to support the proposals for the right to a healthy environment,
  • Strengthen requirements to consider the impacts of toxic substances on vulnerable groups and the environment
  • Overhaul evaluation and transparency of decisions made on Biotechnology products,
  • Add evaluation of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF),
  • Establish National Air Quality Standards, and
  • Improve public participation and the National Pollutant Release Inventory.

CELA and Nature Canada want you to engage in the upcoming parliamentary process. The webinars will highlight where your support and voices can be added during the parliamentary process in the coming weeks.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”     Albert Einstein

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