2022-10-26 Dr. Sharon Goldberg – 5G Crisis

1) Dr. Goldberg is one of the rare few — a doctor who has become informed about EMF and has become an advocate for educating public officials on behalf of the general public. An excellent interview.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg | 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit – YouTube

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E1SPL2EnCM  (1:03 hr.)

2) Whether you want 5G “connectivity” or not, customers and neighours will be exposed.

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Restaurant Chain Will Offer 5G for Customers and “surrounding neighbors” at Approx. 2400 Locations

Panda Express Adds a Side of 5G to Its Menu

Panda Express, a California-based chain of American-Chinese food restaurants has made a deal with 5G provider, Kroo. In addition to its signature Orange Chicken, Panda Express will now provide 5G connectivity, courtesy of its “rooftop delivery.” With approximately 2,400 locations, the restaurant can potentially expand digital coverage to a lot of consumers, reports Restaurant Business.

“Panda Express is continuously seeking ways to contribute to the communities we serve,” stated Roger Goldstein, Panda Restaurant Group’s Executive Director of Facilities. “Enhanced 5G cell service for our guests and surrounding neighbors is a win-win for our stores, associates and our greater community.””


3) In case you missed the ART webinar “5G: An Undeniable Risk” on Tuesday, here is the edited video along with all of the presentations.

Watch the full video of the October 25th Webinar featuring

Dr. Paul Héroux, Dr. Kent Chamberlin, Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Frank Clegg and Andrew Campanelli, Esq.

https://www.americansforresponsibletech.org/5gwebinar (1:25 hr)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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