2022-10-25 GPS interference closes airports

1) From Dr. Joel Moskowitz. There is no abstract but the report is fairly short, easy to read, and makes some very interesting points.

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“The following new paper, “It is mandatory to review environmental radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement protocols and exposure regulations: An opinion article,” published by four Spanish scientists in the peer-reviewed journal, Frontiers in Public Health, calls for a comprehensive assessment of all effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), not just thermal effects — the only effects currently regulated by most governments worldwide including the U.S.

This paper reinforces many of the points raised by the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF) in our newly published peer-reviewed paper, “Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the FCC and ICNIRP exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiation: implications for 5G.””

It is mandatory to review environmental radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement protocols and exposure regulations:   An opinion article

“The existence of non-thermal effects is reported in those studies using RF-EMF with the same intensity and frequency but with different modulation that find different results with the same experimental setup (6870). Therefore, existing regulations do not considered a chronic exposure to a pulsed or modulated signal, such as mobile phone signals….


…Measurement protocols must identify the specific frequencies of each of the currently established major frequency bands, the temporal behavior of the signal and the power density.  Measurement systems must not only determine averaged field strengths but must be able to measure the peak amplitude over time and, consequently, the cumulative radiation. This would make the characterization of EMFs much more realistic.

In addition, parameters such as frequency and modulation could be important when considering potential biological effects. Choosing intensity as the only determining parameter for the occurrence of effects is a reductionist conception. The consideration of all EMFs parameters in the assessment of biological response should be mandatory.”


2) Unexplained interference played havoc with several airports in Texas recently. At this point, it’s unknown if it was caused by 5G equipment, about which there has been ongoing concern, by satellites, by hacking or what. It ended as mysteriously as it began.

FAA Had to Reroute Air Traffic Due to “Mystery” GPS Interference; “aircraft rely on the wireless bands that are impeded by 5G”

“The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of mysterious GPS interference that, over the past few days, has closed one runway at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and prompted some aircraft in the region to be rerouted to areas where signals were working properly….

An advisory issued around the same time by the Air Traffic Control System Command Center, meanwhile, reported the region was “experiencing GPS anomalies that are dramatically impacting” flights in and out of Dallas-Fort Worth and neighboring airports. It went on to say that some of the airports were relying on the use of navigation systems that predated GPS.”


3) Nick Pineault has an interesting discussion with Phonegate director, Dr. Arazi.

The Phonegate Scandal: Your Phone Is NOT Safe w/ Dr. Marc Arazi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XzaxH7kVWA   (43 min.)

One more cellphone found, upon testing, to be in violation of France’s SAR standard, which is 2.0W/kg compared to Canada’s of 1.6 W/kg. I have asked Dr. Arazi the distance between the phone and the body because many phones are tested as far away as 25 mm. Meanwhile, Canada’s ISED provided testing for only 86 phones since 2015/2016, with only 3 tested in the 2020-21 period. I am asking ISED for an update, but it could take another 2 years of asking and asking.

SAR exceeded for ONEPLUS 7 PRO mobile phone

“The ONEPLUS 7 Pro smartphone has been pinned down in a SAR test carried out by the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR). As a reminder, the very limited budget of the French telecoms regulator only allows it to check the compliance of just over one in ten mobile phones sold in France each year. This situation has remained virtually unchanged since our alert was launched in July 2016.

In the press release published on 19 October 2022, the ANFR announced that it had detected an excess of the SAR of the member phone, which according to the German laboratory CTC Advanced was 4.42 W/kg. The first tests were carried out at the beginning of January 2022. It will therefore have taken more than ten months for users of the ONEPLUS 7 Pro to finally be informed of the overexposure to waves of their phone whose SAR has been reduced to 2.33 W/kg. These delays are aberrant when compared to other alerts, such as those concerning the food sector.”


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