2022-10-12 Major update re. Rogers’ cell tower on Salt Spring

1) A major update on cell tower situation on Salt Spring– persistence does work (sometimes). CROC has also provided the stances of those currently running for or holding office as a Trustee.

“After discussing in detail the Rogers cell tower site issues for 45 minutes, with a 10 minute presentation from Julian Clark on the matter, the LTC members passed a motion to write to Rogers and ask that Rogers honour the LTC rescindment and restart the cell tower site approval process from scratch. The LTC intends to defend their original rescindment of the site approval and provide the valid reasons for their rescindment in this letter to Rogers.”


2) Marc Arazi is beginning to get attention outside of France. After I obtained the ISED report, he asked me to join his team so when he refers to the work “we’ve done” in Canada, he is talking about the ISED report on 86 tests done over 5 years, 98% of which would be in violation of the SAR limits (many by many times) if the testing were done next to the body. I continue to request basic information from ISED, but each request requires an FOI and months/years before getting the information.

Phonegate: What The Cell Phone Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know! with Dr. Marc Arazi

https://myersdetox.com/456-phonegate-what-the-cell-phone-industry-doesnt-want-you-to-know-with-dr-marc-arazi/                (audio or transcript)

3) This is about a scandal in the USA, but in reading the details, it sure sounds like something that could be happening in Canada. Collusion between companies that leave customers paying more and more for less and less service. Misrepresentations/deceptive practices…. Why are our copper-based phone lines not being maintained?

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New Book with Charts on Trillion Dollar Accounting Scandal: Telecoms Created the U.S. “Digital Divide” ON PURPOSE!

““But I have wireless!”, we hear in the background. Overseas, customers can get a 5G service with 100 GB for $10.00, or there abouts. America’s low-end users are paying $8.00-$14.00 per GB because these companies, through these bait and switch tactics, now control the underlying infrastructure in their territories and can keep all prices inflated, wireline and wireless. And the triple play (broadband/internet, cable TV and phone) overseas averages about $35 bucks a month; America’s average was $215 a month in 2019 according to Consumer Reports….

The state telecom public utility became an illegal cash machine for the companies’ other lines of business, and it is hiding in plan view. Verizon NY is the largest state-based telecommunications public utility in New York State, covering over 80%-90% of the population, including New York City. And there are multiple services using these networks, but the rules have been manipulated so that most of the expenses for using the networks end up being charged to one service, local phone service.

•  “Local Service”, is the basic copper-based phone service, and had about $930 million in revenues in 2021″



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”     George Orwell


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