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1) Experts believe that a very high percentage of cancers are related to the environment (that is, not due to genetics). This includes things like chemicals, smoking, and EMF.

Eighty percent of cancer is related to the environment


Often, the response from the RF industry and industry-biased scientists to studies showing harm is that there are few studies on humans or epidemiological evidence. This argument is flawed — it is illegal to perform experiments on humans and even fruit flies are credible subjects to examine.

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NOT JUST GENETICS! Environmental Toxins (including Cell Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation) Can Increase Breast Cancer Risk Too!

“The fundamental challenge to researchers and policymakers remains this: we seldom can identify specific distinct causes of breast cancer through public health research. Yet every proven cause of cancer in humans has also been shown to cause cancer in animals when adequately studied. Policymakers have agreed that in order to prevent cancer in humans, we should rely on experimental findings.

We cannot wait for sufficient numbers of illnesses or deaths to amass when we already know that certain compounds and professions increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Acting to control or restrict such exposures is critical in order to control disease.””


2) More information regarding the increase in harmonics on our home wiring caused by the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) that Telus and others employ to convert the optical signal to an electrical one when the signal enters the home and back from electrical to optical as the data leaves the home.

Many people have suffered greatly when fiber is connected to the home and, incorrectly, blame the fiber. If our devices used fiber, it would be perfect.  But they don’t. They use electrical signals if they are wired and Wi-Fi if they aren’t. The ONT is very similar to the Switch Mode Power Supply in the smeters, where some AC must be converted to DC to run the smeter. This, too, produces harmonics but there are some filters that reduce this to some degree. Dr. Timothy Schoechle said that the problem could have been avoided in both the ONT and the smeter if a small, very inexpensive change had been made.

How can these harmonics be reduced, if not eliminated? Jeromy has mentioned Genisco filters several times and I’ve written to them several times, and I’ve left messages on their customer service line, but they have failed to respond. I will keep on trying and will let you know as soon as I learn anything.

Why Do Fiber Optic Installations Increase Electrical Sensitivity?

“The issue is that fiber optic internet service does not only use light to transmit data. The high-speed fiber optic data must be converted to electrical signals before the data can be transmitted to the home on the existing copper cable or phone line DSL. Those electrical signals, which carry our internet data, are not inherently problematic because they are in a very narrow frequency range and don’t typically radiate from the cable or phone lines.”

Why Do Fiber Optic Installations Increase Electrical Sensitivity?


3) We discuss RF from wireless devices mostly, but magnetic fields in our homes can cause similar health problems. A recent study shows that exposure to the fields prenatally can result in behavior problems associated with anxiety in later life. Mitigation in homes is necessary. I will share information on this soon.

Magnetic fields and anxiety

“Believe it or not, prenatal exposure to magnetic fields – the fields emitted by electrical equipment – can actually affect stress levels in later life, according to a recent study from Iran….

The study has implications for all of us living in developed nations. Magnetic fields are a common source of stress, as they are present in every home. They are emitted by all electrical equipment, from power lines and wiring to meter boxes, electrical appliances and even conductive water pipes.”




An email to another group from a very sensitive person in response to a question about the safety of a metal roof. Other people may react differently, but I thought this provides food for thought.

“When cellular emissions were directed at my previously safe property Jan 2020, I had to do something quickly to save my life because I was already severely EMS. I knew that Reflectix (insulation) worked to shield because I have it in my yurt and had measured RF’s inside prior to this incident. I purchased 4’x100’ rolls of it from Home Depot and friends secured it across the south and west sides of my house, windows and doors included. The upstairs has slanted walls, only 1.5 story house with shingled roof. I had to have the Reflectix stapled onto the inside of the walls, over the windows, there on the S and W sides (the direction the emissions were coming from). I knew this was temporary while I fought to get my ADA/FHAA right restored, emissions lowered again.

The County would not help (neither did the Civil Rights Division) so by October, before winter, I decided to put up permanent shielding on the S and W. The first step was to put metal roofing over my shingles on the west facing side of the roof. This reduced the amount of RF’s coming in to the upstairs and I could take the Reflectix off of the walls inside under it. I immediately felt some relief. The rest of the house I shielded is done with various kinds of materials…Y Shield paint worked on the outside except where it faced the electric transmission lines along the road (W of my house). Grounding wasn’t enough. I got sick w/in a few hours of that being painted on, the siding had to be removed and replaced. I have Reflectix there now. It doesn’t seem to interact with the electric fields, isn’t as electroconductive. I enclosed my front porch which already had a metal roof on it and also part of my deck so I could expand my safe space, use my front door for visitors again. Areas that didn’t face the electric lines I put the aluminum sheeting in from Safe Living Technologies; Reflectix inside the walls that faced the lines.

It took me until July 2021 to finally get the solid shielding off of the windows which I did experimenting w/ metal screening. I purchased that online in 100’ rolls of 4’ or 5’ widths. Some covers the windows themselves, some I made temporary walls of screen that stand 7’ away from my house on the deck. 2 layers was enough usually. Metal roofing on top. I now have a little makeshift, screen porch on the deck facing west, can see sunsets again, the beautiful valley and my front yard. Sunshine is so important!

The enclosed, shielded front porch I created has metal doors w/ windows and also some other windows that I’ve put the RF shielding film on or metal screening where vinyl screens existed. The film blocks about 90%. I have to have 10uW/m2 or less to be safe. I’ve used some Swiss Shield Daylight material in one west facing window which has worked.

So part of my house has metal roofing and is shielded, the other half is not. I would not be alive without it. What I learned from this venture is that shielding a house is very individual, should be done in stages that can be reversed if the EMS person gets sick from the last stage of mitigation. We aren’t all sensitive to the same frequencies or have the same things going on in our environment like proximity to electric lines. Reflectix is my go-to for shielding that seems to be safe around other EMF’s. $130 for the largest roll so also not as expensive as many other types, R9 insulation.
https://nsr.durangoherald.com/articles/316931 Front page March 2020.

Hope this helps people trying to figure out their shielding.


https://nsr.durangoherald.com/articles/316931                                   Front page  March 2020




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“The environment shapes people’s actions.”     B. F. Skinner


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