2022-09-27 A Victory in New Hampshire

1) I did not know about this in time to include in Friday’s update. If you didn’t see this CNN program about the Havana Syndrome, you might be able to see it via On Demand. I, personally, would have liked to have seen more information about the Moscow “attacks” that occurred in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

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Immaculate Concussion: The Truth Behind Havana Syndrome.

“The special explores a cluster of unexplained health incidents resembling concussion-like injuries, which were first reported by American officials and covert personnel serving in Havana in late 2016. The victims describe suffering from vertigo, headache, brain fog, and in some cases, pain or ringing in the ears without any apparent mechanism of injury. Since 2016, similar incidents have been reported by US government officials around the world. Investigations by the FBI, CIA, and the US Department of State have yet to fully explain what happened to these individuals who fell ill while serving their country. The lack of clear answers has led to growing tensions between victims, US lawmakers and the government agencies investigating these incidents. Critics say these agencies too easily dismissed these cases despite working theories that a foreign government, or proxy, may have coordinated intentional Cold War style attacks on American officials using directed energy weapon.”


More info links: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/us-senate-finally-admits-that-neuroweapons-exist-passes-bill-to-help-diplomat-victims-s-1828-havana-act-of-2021/

2) A doctor that is a victim of Havana Syndrome was on the program. He is still suffering the effects of the ‘attack’.

CIA doctor hit by Havana syndrome says he was in ‘disbelief’ as he suffered what he was investigating


3) Presentations that persuaded the New Hampshire Committee to move forward with efforts re. reducing EMF are available on the video embedded at the link. Theodora Scarato from EH Trust testifies first and at 1:30 hr.,  Cece Doucette speaks to what is happening with municipalities.

An industry representative spoke, Jerrald Bushberg. This is from Kevin Landrigan, The New Hampshire Union Leader.


“Jerrold Bushberg, chairman of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements and a professor of clinical radiology and radiation oncology, represented the telecommunications industry at Monday’s meeting.

“The reality is it’s not quite so clear, and research in and of itself is not a precise science,” Bushberg said.

Cellphones produce more RF energy when they are further away from cell towers.

“If you want to reduce the vast majority of exposure from RF, the way to do it would be to have good coverage,” Bushberg said.”

Breaking News: The New Hampshire House Subcommittee Just Voted for Action Regarding The Issue of Radio-Frequency Cell Tower Radiation

New Hampshire lawmakers voted to recommend action on the issue of wireless radio-frequency (RF) radiation. This is a historic action by New Hampshire legislatures and will result in the proposal of new statewide legislation addressing cell towers and wireless networks. Over the last few months, the New Hampshire House subcommittee of the Committee on Science, Technology, and Energy has held study sessions on RF featuring numerous experts, organizations and residents. In addition, wireless industry consultants and employees have presented testimony.”



Many people cannot tolerate hospitals because of the many wireless devices and machines, not to mention the cell transmitters/towers that often are erected on the roofs — industry goes to places/people who need money and takes advantage of this need.


From: X
To: “adam walker mla” <adam.walker.mla@leg.bc.ca>
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2022 9:33:50 PM
Subject: EMR Safe Zones in Hospitals

Dear Mr. Walker:

I understand that you have heard citizens in your riding express their need for electromagnetic radiation (emr) safe zones in hospitals. As a person who is electro-hypersensitive, I wish to inform you that, while not everyone feels emr, or even those who do feel it do not feel it in exactly the same way, I developed a reaction to emr with several of the symptoms related in the scientific literature. When my sensitivity first manifested, and I was diagnosed by two doctors, I found I could not think straight in the presence of Wi-Fi, cell phones, or electrical appliances. In stores with fluorescent lighting or Wi-Fi, I felt dizzy and nauseous. In the grocery store, I couldn’t focus, found it difficult to choose items, had to read ingredients over several times, and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. I would also feel anxious and now recognize that feeling as a warning that I am in a high emr area. Truly, most people would find this difficult to understand, just as I did. As I learned that others can experience the same, I knew that I had to avoid exposure. Hence, I no longer go to restaurants, stay in hotels or even travel long distances. This prevents me from visiting family that live elsewhere.

I am a retired Registered Clinical Counsellor. When in practice, I was not familiar with emr, but looking back, I can see the connection that some of my clients had to feelings of anxiety. A mother came to me for help with her inexplicable anxiety. She had one child that had been born with a heart condition. She became pregnant, still had feelings of anxiety and her second child also had a heart condition. Her job had her working all day at a computer. Emr has been found to affect the developing fetus. Children are even born with cancer nowadays. How do we explain these increasing horrible conditions? It makes sense that we humans have created a very toxic world with chemicals, plastics, inability to deal with excessive stress (from these toxins, as well as emotional, mental and physical stress) and widespread use of technologies that emit unnatural emr. We are told that the Cancer Society, after 60 or 70 years, is still looking for a cure, when the answer is under our noses–clean the environment.

Emr interferes with the body’s ability to heal. To have patients in hospitals and care homes bathed in emr, from the Wi-Fi for computers and cell phones that most people carry with them, likely delays healing, but for those who are extra sensitive, their conditions worsen. It would be preferable to avoid the hospital than to endure the onslaught of emr. Long-term avoidance of emr and grounding do bring improvement, but the public needs education on this topic. Daily grounding by walking barefoot in safe areas and avoidance of as many sources of emr as possible allow for healing. While we think technology can save us time, the increase in harm from emr cancels out some of the gains. Computers can be hard-wired, like they used to be, to avoid Wi-Fi.

It is critical that our politicians, educators in schools, and medical professionals be educated, that our governments educate themselves first and take the initiative to offer the needed protection for all people. That children are captive in schools for 5 or more hours a day in constant Wi-Fi is unacceptable.

I would have preferred to keep this short, but unless this issue is made personal, it may fail to explain. Some of us are counting on you to make this a topic that will be heard and acted on by our government. An emr safe place in hospitals will save lives, and likely more than just those of the electro-hypersensitive.

From: “Walker.MLA, Adam” <Adam.Walker.MLA@leg.bc.ca>
To: X
Sent: Monday, 26 September, 2022 16:12:05
Subject: Re: EMR Safe Zones in Hospitals

Good afternoon.

Thank you for taking the time to email our office. I will be sure to pass on the concerns you have raised in this email with MLA Adam Walker.

A number of constituents have reached out to our office with similar concerns that you have raised in this email, and we appreciate you sharing those concerns with us as well. Adam has met with those that are affected by EMF and is sympathetic to the difficulties they face. He takes these issues very seriously and is working hard to adequately represent his constituents on this matter.

If you would like to have a meeting with Adam to discuss this further, please let me know.


Claire Stechishin, Constituency Assistant
Adam Walker, MLA for Parksville-Qualicum


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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