2022-09-02 What happens to our brains in a car

Have a great Labour Day weekend.

1) From Cece Doucette so you can plan your Sept. Zooms and see videos of ones you’ve missed.

Free Webinars: Wireless Technology Risks & Safer Solutions


2) A clear example of what happens to our brains when riding in a car, with and without cell phone and WLAN. This was 5 years ago and since then, even more wireless devices have been added. It is virtually impossible to get a new car without all of the wireless junk. The comments are interesting.

Headache in the Car

https://vimeo.com/244746945   (6 min.)

3) A newsletter from Fiber Broadband Assoc. which includes the results of a recent survey. The benefits of fibre optic cable are being realized in homes, schools and businesses.

Fiber Improves Job Quality, Education, Health Care While Shifting Population

“The Fiber Broadband Association’s  of online consumers revealed that fiber is playing a key role in improving the quality of jobs, education, and health care. Conducted by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting (RVA) in May 2022, the survey interviewed 3,000 consumers selected at random and looked at the impact of fiber by zeroing in on working age individuals from 25-65 making under $65,000 per year….

Other benefits delivered by fiber included a dramatically lower cost of broadband per megabit over the last decade, while other utilities such as electricity, water, and natural gas have all increased over the same time. Fiber also reduces carbon emissions, with direct and indirect estimates of FTTH CO2 impact resulting in reductions of 50,056 Kilotons annually, the equivalent of taking 10.8 million vehicles off the road.”


or   https://tinyurl.com/2p85t8rj

4) Some more letters to ISED asking for a moratorium on the 5G auction. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 6. If you haven’t written, I hope you will consider doing so.


From: “s ridout
To: spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre@ised-isde.gc.ca
Cc: “MP” <hcminister.ministresc@hc-sc.gc.ca>, “Minister of Environment and Climate Change” <ministre-minister@ec.gc.ca>, “Science and Industry” <ministerofisi-ministredeisi@ised-isde.gc.ca>, “Laurel Collins” <Laurel.Collins@parl.gc.ca>
Sent: Friday, September 2, 2022 11:05:14 AM
Subject: Planned Auction for Sale of mmWave bands

Friday, Sept. 2, 2022.

Dear Innovation, Science and Economic Development Members,

Below are my comments concerning:

Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 25, June 18, 2022, Notice No. SPB-001-22: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands

I am strongly opposed to the release, by auction or otherwise, of the mmWave spectrum and ask ISED to place a moratorium on this and all future auctions and releases until the health and safety of Canadians and of the environment is ensured.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is outdated and doesn’t even consider the biological effects of EMR on all living things. There is a definite conflict of interest regarding these sales. The government of Canada benefits financially when selling the broadband wavelengths to the Telecommunication companies but it is also the governments responsibility to protect the health of the citizens and the environment. A moratorium should be in effect until proof that these High Frequency mmWaves are safe and until Health Canada’s own Standing committee’s recommendations to revise and update the guidelines for Safety Code 6 are implemented!

I fully support the Joint Statement found here: https://preventcancernow.ca/call-for-a-moratorium-on-5g-expansion and some reasons for my opposition include the 6 found here: https://preventcancernow.ca/six-reasons-for-a-moratorium-on-the-release-of-millimetre-wave-spectrum-mmwaves/


Sherry Ridout (name given with permission)


August 30, 2022

Commentary from X

responding to Notice No. SPB-001-22: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands

I am a senior and have known many people, both friends and strangers, who have been adversely affected by “wireless” radiation (radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, RF-EMR).

I urge you to respect the call for a moratorium on the release of the extremely high frequency millimetre wave spectrum at this time.

I would like to see:

1) Health Canada must develop demonstrably safe exposure limits for RF-EMR which incorporate non-thermal effects, and basing limits on the precautionary principle

2) Environment and Climate Change Canada establish legally binding exposure limits to protect ALL life on Earth

3) Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada establishes procedures that are fully transparent and effective to:
• monitor and report RF-EMR emissions, as measured from existing equipment and modelled for proposals;
• map environmental exposure levels (existing and proposed) for all areas across Canada;
• ensure industry compliance with more stringent regulatory requirements for infrastructure and devices;
• ensure that no frequency bands are released that could place lives at risk by interfering with critical
data like weather forecasting.

It is also essential that ISED allows municipalities and citizens to have a decisive say over whether and where cellular network antennas are installed.


From: Petrina Gregson (name given with permission)
To: spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre@ised-isde.gc.ca
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2022 3:20:10 PM
Subject: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands
To Whom it May Concern:

I join the Canadian experts and groups of Canadian citizens opposed to the proposed auction of high frequency millimeter wave areas wanted for the use of 5G. We are already exposed to abnormally high and dangerous levels of RF-EMR (radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation), causing serious risks to our health and to the environment.

After waiting 25 years to return to our home town, we soon felt we had to abandon it in an effort to avoid the EMF of cell towers, wifi, and smart meters by moving to a remote, cell-free area. Alas, we could not avoid the smart meters except by living off grid.

Our elder son, living in Vancouver, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32; he lost his job while fighting cancer with months of chemo, but fortunately survived. There is no way to avoid the pervasiveness of EMF in a city.

There is no research that shows 5G and mmWaves are safe; on the contrary, there are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that show even the current exposure to RF-EMR causes serious adverse health effects (DNA damage, cancer, sperm damage, etc.)

I urgently call for a moratorium on the release of the extremely high frequency millimetre wave spectrum (mmWaves) including the 26/28 GHz bands. The six reasons follow in the link below:


Petrina Gregson, M.A.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know.”     W. H. Auden


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