2022-08-02 Significant dangers of 5G millimeter waves

1) There have been very few studies on millimeter-waves that telecoms plan on using as part of their 5G technology, but health effects have been identified that go beyond damaging the skin, eyes, etc.  A new paper by Dr. Don Maisch that explains why millimeter-waves could be far more dangerous than previously thought yet governments are allowing 5G millimeter spectrum auctions and technology to proceed. I recommend reading the entire paper which is only 5 pages long. Dr. Maisch has made this technical subject easy to understand.

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Brillouin Precursors, a theoretical oddity or a real concern for 5G millimetre-wave bands to be used in future high-speed telecommunications?

“When an incoming radiofrequency wave enters body tissue it normally loses an amount energy with some of the energy absorbed in the body. The depth of penetration (absorption) depends upon the frequency. The lower the frequency, the further it penetrates, and vice versa. As waves shorten in length as the frequencies increase, penetration normally reduces, until, once the waves are short enough, penetration will be minimal but still can be sufficient enough to affect most skin structures. For example, With a millimeter wavelength of 0.65 mm at 42 GHz. The waves can penetrate into the human skin deep enough to affect most skin structures located in the epidermis and dermis. However, these types of waves present other challenges. The first is that when most of the energy is focused in a small area, such as 5G antenna beam-forming, the risk of human tissue heating for anyone in the path of the beam will be increased.

… Strengthening the German court decision, the head of the Office of Technical Assessment at the German Bundestag (German parliament), Professor A Grunwald stated that it is irresponsible to introduce new technology with significantly higher frequencies without prior investigation of the consequences. In the Australian and New Zealand context, even though the telecommunications carriers are themselves indemnified against the risk of possible harm that their facilities may cause, this apparently does not carry over to the owner of the property on which the facility is located. Even though the risk for the property owner may be small the possibility of such a risk does exist, especially for new technology where questions still remain unanswered as to possible health hazards. Therefore the onus should be on the telecommunications carriers to acknowledge this risk in any rental agreement they present to prospective antenna site property owners.”


2) Thank you to EMR Australia for sharing information about Dr. Henry Lai’s and Blake Levitt’s new report.

Why does wireless radiation affect us and are we being protected? Part 2

“Professor Henry Lai and Blake Levitt examined studies in which organisms were exposed to wireless radiation for different periods of time. ‘The majority of the studies, as expected, show that long-term exposure is more effective in causing effects than short-term exposure’, they say.

However, the authors noticed that the link between exposure time and symptoms wasn’t always straight forward. For example, some studies showed evidence that the exposed organism displayed symptoms then recovered or partly recovered. They explain it as follows.”


When you read this abstract, remember that Safety Code 6’s specific absorpton rate (SAR) is 1.6 W/kg.

The roles of intensity, exposure duration, and modulation on the biological effects of radiofrequency radiation and exposure guidelines

“A review of 112 low-intensity studies reveals that biological effects of RFR could occur at a median specific absorption rate of 0.0165 W/kg. Intensity and exposure duration interact since the dose of energy absorbed is the product of intensity and time….

Research data indicate that electromagnetic energy is more biologically potent in causing effects than thermal changes.

https://europepmc.org/article/med/35438055   (the Abstract)


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