2022-07-29 Residents of Pittsfield sue city re. cell tower

1) The Pittsfield Board of Health issued a Cease and Desist Order against Verizon, ordering a thorough investigation into the health problems residents experienced after Verizon erected a cell tower close to homes. But soon after, the Mayor pressured the Board of Health to rescind the Order because removing the tower would interfere with the “revitalization” of the town. These people are not giving up and want a full and independent investigation to take place.

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UPDATED: Legal action by Pittsfield cell tower opponents names Mayor Linda Tyer

“PITTSFIELD — A group of residents filed a legal action Thursday asking the Berkshire Superior Court to review whether the Board of Health improperly ended its opposition to a cell tower in south Pittsfield.

The residents claim the board dropped a cease-and-desist order against Verizon Wireless due to what they allege was an illegal and unethical handling of the situation by Mayor Linda Tyer and City Solicitor Stephen Pagnotta….

The residents have asked the Berkshire Superior Court to declare that “the City Solicitor’s improper actions carrying out the Mayor’s illegal interference have contaminated the Board’s proceedings, rendering the decision to rescind the Emergency Order illegal.”


For those interested in lawsuits, here is the Civil Suit:


2) Free webinar, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 10 am PT hosted by FBB (“If it’s not fiber, it’s not broadband”). Communities in the USA are beginning to develop networks for internet, etc. that they build and own. This is something that experts like Dr. Timothy Schoechle have highly recommended and which now, with fibre optic cable becoming more easily accessible, we should consider. Having a community-owned network enables local control, reduces/eliminates reliance on corporations and is an investment for residents with future payback.

Getting from Planning to Permits: Why the Next 90 Days Matter

“Please join the Fiber Broadband Association for a webinar on Tuesday, August 9, at 1pm EDT presented by Biarri Networks. Jon Owen, VP of Engineering Solutions and Strategic Partnerships, and Will Bender, Project Manager, will guide you through some key planning strategies that are required in order to get from planning to permits successfully. They will discuss why the next 90 days matter and what steps you can take to kickstart your project to make sure it gets completed on time”


Here is further information about recent expansion of FOI networks in the USA. Hopefully, some Canadian networks will be added one day soon.

The Fiber Broadband Association Recognizes More All Fiber Networks Across North America

“The Fiber Broadband Association today announced that seven of its members have recently received All Fiber Certification. The accreditation is given to Fiber Broadband Association members who demonstrate a high-level of strategic commitment to all fiber deployment by ensuring 90% or more of their networks rely on fiber optic infrastructure.

With these seven new certifications, there are now 22 Fiber Broadband Association member network providers that are certified as All Fiber in North America. The growing list demonstrates an increased commitment from the broadband industry to leverage fiber as the best way to future proof connectivity and digital equity across North America.”


3) Like Pittsfield and Qualicum Beach, people on Salt Spring Island are fighting against a cell tower. Please support them by sharing the information below widely. ISED and Rogers have demonstrated that the rights of residents are not important and need not be taken seriously.



A lot has been happening these last few days! As frustrating as it is to have to take action by picketing, it is gratifying to see us all coming together in person and online. We are really feeling support coming from many directions, and we want to thank you ALL! Thank you!

We wanted to let you know that we have set up social media accounts and we are going to be posting lots of updates and important information that we haven’t really had a good way to broadcast as of yet. We are hoping these accounts will reach even more people, so if you can please join and follow, and share the content, that would be so appreciated!

On social media we have decided on the name: “SSI Community Members Against Rogers Cell Tower” as it’s descriptive and inviting for anyone wanting to find out more.

We have created:
A private Facebook Group for those who want to get involved: https://www.facebook.com/groups/saltspringagainstrogers/

A public Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TeamCroc2022/

A Twitter account: @standuptorogers https://twitter.com/StandUpToRogers

An Instagram account: @standuptorogers https://www.instagram.com/standuptorogers/

Please bear with us as we get these accounts off the ground, make our first posts and work out the kinks in the process! 🙂 We will do our best to give frequent updates and share photos and videos and all the info we can. We look forward to engaging with you all.

Thank you,



From: “Team CROC” <teamcrocssi@gmail.com>
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2022 1:06:01 PM
Subject: July 29th Rogers Tower Update: Federal Gov’t and ISED ignore tower regulations in BC

Good afternoon,

Below you will find:

1. The email Julian Clark wrote to the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Simon Kennedy (Deputy Minister of ISED) and Elizabeth May. This was sent to them on July 27th. https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Email-to-Hon.-François-Philippe-Champagne-ISED-Simon-Kennedy-MP-Elizabeth-May-from-Concerned-Residents-of-Canvasback-Place-SSI-July-27-2022.pdf

2. The press release covering that same content was sent to various media outlets in Vancouver/Vancouver Island/Driftwood on Salt Spring.                                                                   https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Press-Release-Federal-Government-ISED-and-Rogers-ignore-cell-tower-regulations-in-BC-Salt-Spring-Island-BC-July-27-2022.pdf

3. PLEASE SHARE THEM via email or social media – we will be posting them to social media as well shortly. You can tag your posts with #RogersWeDoNotConsent, please and thanks!

We have a question for all of you: does anyone among us have sympathetic journalism contacts who would be willing to cover this story? We are having a hard time getting anyone other than the Driftwood to pick up our press releases.




Sharon Noble, Director,  Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Electricity is really just organized lightning.”  George Carlin  

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