2022-07-20 A Call to Action re. Rogers tower Salt Spring Island

1) It might be a stretch to make any comparison, because I don’t know what type of subsidies Telus is getting or what promises it has made, but AT&T’s actions are very similar to what Telus is doing. Infrastructure, especially the copper lines, has been neglected and now we are suffering from having to have piecemeal service such as voice-over-the-internet phone [VOIP] service with nothing to replace the landline’s security, dependability and, most of all, functioning during a prolonged outage.

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AT&T “left the infrastructure of 21 states to deteriorate”; Seeks Billions in New Government Subsidies

“How do you hide the fact that AT&T is, in reality, based on the control of a core group of 21 state-based telecommunications public utilities over the last 2 decades? Moreover, AT&T let the critical infrastructure in every state utility deteriorate. AT&T’s actual goal has been to shut off the copper-based networks, remove all regulations and obligations on the company and become a ‘wireless-first’ company because it makes them more money rather than provide a universal, comprehensive public telecommunications/broadband network.”


2) A major player in ICNIRP has managed to get an article filled with incorrect, misleading info about RF affecting fertility into a well-respected journal that reaches many doctors across Europe. This person has been doing the industry’s bidding for many years as have many others. “Corrupt to the Core”….


The Odious Smell of Truth
Corruption of the Scientific Literature Continues

“Last year, Röösli was the lead author of a health review for physicians on the state of RF science and what might be expected from the latest generation of wireless technology, known as 5G. The message is that there’s nothing to worry about. “According to current knowledge,” Röösli advises, 5G “would not represent a health risk.” The open access paper is in German, with an abstract in English.

“Röösli’s paper is full of misleading half-truths,” Hensinger told Microwave News. “It reminds me of the work of David Michaels,” he said, referring to the author of Doubt Is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Affects Your Health. “Röösli is manufacturing uncertainty.” Michaels, an American epidemiologist, was the head of OSHA under President Obama.”


3) The Connected Coast project is progressing quickly, bringing fiber optic internet to communities along Vancouver Island.

Subsea fibre optic cable laying begins in the Strait of Georgia

“Gabriola Island – The $45.4 million Connected Coast project begins construction in the Strait of Georgia this week. The subsea fibre optic cable lay process will begin on Gabriola Island and move north to Campbell River and the Discovery Islands over the next few weeks. Construction will also include 26 landing sites where the cable comes ashore. These sites will provide the necessary infrastructure for Internet Service Providers to connect businesses and households with high-speed internet….

Later this summer, the connection from Gabriola to the Vancouver internet exchange will occur and allow for network testing and light up of the high-speed internet.”

Subsea fibre optic cable laying begins in the Strait of Georgia


4) Below is a Call to Action to stop Rogers from erecting a tower on Salt Spring after permission was withdrawn.



The Concerned Residents of Canvasback (Team CROC) are taking the lead now in preventing Rogers from building a new 5G tower in their Channel Ridge neighbourhood.


1) The Salt Spring Local Trust Committee (SS LTC) initially wrote a letter giving their permission for this tower to be built.

2) After meeting with CROC, the SSI LTC wrote a letter rescinding (cancelling) this approval.

3) ISED (the federal tower siting authority) and Rogers are not accepting this change, and plan to forge ahead with building the tower.

4) The SS LTC now appears to be ready to take action to uphold their decision to withdraw their approval for siting the tower at this location.


Until this rescission is accepted by both Rogers and ISED – and in the event that Rogers shows up to start building the tower – CROC is preparing to picket, preventing Rogers from gaining access to the building site.

If Rogers commences construction without proper local authority, CROC will send an email asking you to join them on the picket line. Please be ready to help stop this travesty!

We’d like to share a little background information:

– Rogers plans to build a 2,600 sq foot 5G cell tower compound next to the St. Mary Lake watershed, the Channel Ridge Trails and historically important First Nations land.

– This proposed 40 metre tower (which can be heightened to 50 metres without further approval) will be just 130 feet / 42 meters from the closest home.

– Team CROC is a dedicated group of neighbours in the Channel Ridge area who has been working for a year trying to hold Rogers to account. We’ve attended every LTC meeting & even hired a lawyer for advice.

Team CROC is against the Rogers tower in Channel Ridge because:

o Rogers made false statements in their application to our SS LTC

o The tower is proposed in the middle of an established neighbourhood

o The distance from the nearest homes is far less than what Islands Trust strongly encourage

o The site is defined in our Official Community Plan as environmentally sensitive in an important biodiverse ecosystem (St. Mary’s Lake Watershed)

o Rogers are not complying with an existing covenant on the site that disallows building and development

o First Nations have not been consulted, nor has an archaeological assessment been completed

o Rogers have not held a required, in-person public consultation meeting

– Rogers has circumvented the proper process for gaining permission to build a cell tower on that site. They provided the SS LTC incomplete and inaccurate information in their tower application.

– Based on those facts, in March, the SS LTC rescinded their initial tower approval, removing permission for Rogers to build on the Canvasback site.

– Rogers and ISED have been heavy handed and are insisting they will build the tower regardless!

– Team CROC is determined to stop Rogers from proceeding. We are hoping it won’t come to this, but we are prepared to take action in the form of peaceful protest and picketing.

– If needed, the protest would be on Canvasback Place, at the base of the service road leading to the tower site. We will not let Rogers gain access to that site!

Please share this information with anyone you know that would like to help stop the Rogers tower.

We’ll likely not have much notice, so if we need to protest, we’ll send out an email blast alerting you with the info. So stay tuned! Or if you’d like to contact team CROC, please send us an email at teamcrocssi@gmail.com.


Oona for 5G Free SSI and Julian for Team CROC


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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