2022-06-30 Advocates for the EMS Disabled

A full update tonight, but you will have all weekend to read it. The next update will be on Monday, July 4. I hope you all have a happy Canada Day !

1) We know that it is extremely easy to hack wireless devices, and the RCMP is taking advantage of that, without any legal framework to prevent abuse. I wonder if their new “spyware” enables them to hack into wired devices, too. The spokesman wouldn’t say if all devices are vulnerable.

RCMP admits hacking cellphones and laptops of Canadians

“Canada’s national police force has admitted for the first time its use of spyware to hack mobile phones and laptops to collect data on suspects.

The tech being used is said to give RCMP the ability to remotely turn on the camera and microphone of a device, but it said such tools are only used in the most serious cases when less intrusive techniques are unsuccessful. …

With the use of this spyware, the RCMP have the ability to collect a broad range of data including texts, emails, photos, videos, audio files, calendar entries and financial records.”


2) In the USA, a group called Advocates for the EMS Disabled, comprised of groups from all over the US, has sent a letter (https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Reply-Comments-of-Advocates-for-the-EMS-Disabled-Prevention-and-Elimination-of-Digital-Discrimination-FCC-GN-Docket-No.-22-69-June-29-2022.pdf) to the FCC advocating for accommodation for people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. In “Letters“, Susan Foster explains the genesis of this project. Hopefully, with the huge budget for broadband across USA and the push for fiber to provide the fastest internet possible, fibre will be brought to homes, schools, businesses, etc. which will allow sensitive people to live a more normal life.

3) Please consider attending a very important webinar to learn how we can participate in this important initiative. We need to join with as many groups as possible to help stop 5G and to help make our environment safer. Full details of speakers, etc. are at the link below.

Webinar to Promote the European Citizens’ Initiative Project: “Stay Connected But Protected”

July 17, 2022, 6:00 pm UK time, 10 am PT.

“The Stop5G European Citizens’ Initiative (Stop5G-ECI) was launched in March 2022, and has one year to gather a million signatures from across Europe. If they succeed, the European Commission and the European Parliament will be obliged to address the proposals that the EU enact regulations to protect health, nature, the environment and privacy.

Safe Tech International is hosting a webinar to help “get the word out” about this critical and potentially life-changing Appeal, and to ensure the 27 European countries who collaborated on this effort, reach their goal of 1,000,000 signatures by March, 2023.”

Register in advance:


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Webinar to Promote the European Citizens’ Initiative Stop5G Project


4) From Kate Kheel, a link to a very thought-provoking talk she gave at 5G Free CAs fundraising event on June 13th. “The talk weaves together many different facets of our current tech trajectory and how we as individuals might best respond.”

Is This What We Really Want?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYtNr7rILAY    (14 min.)


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Dear Friends,

Some months ago that Scott McCollough took an FCC opportunity for comment re “Disability, Inclusion & Equity” (DEI) to Children’s Health Defense to see if they would sign on, and they did. So along with Odette Wilkins, President of Wired Broadband, Inc. we created a paper on the need for the EMS Disabled in this country to be accommodated.

This is not precisely what the FCC was looking for, but Scott saw an opening and we took it. That paper was submitted May 16. There is a big push through the current administration to make sure that all federal programs adhere to DEI. The FCC, of course, is looking at this from the perspective of offering wireless devices to those members of the larger disability community who use wireless because of another type of disability. We took advantage of the opportunity to educate the FCC. Odette has been continuing to submit a variation of the paper to other agencies so we can spread the word that we are here at numbers that would suggest between 9 million & 99 million people in the United States fall somewhere on the EMS/EHS spectrum.

This was an excellent opportunity to come in and make the case for individuals and with all of us collectively as a group, Advocates for the EMS Disabled. Because we finished the paper literally hours before it was due, there was not time to circulate as we would have liked on May 16. Reply Comments are due tomorrow, June 30. We will be filing in the early evening on June 30.

Children’s Health Defense created an advocacy program which made it easy for people to contact the FCC with a standard letter or comments of their own asking for the following:

1) Fiber to the premises as is encouraged through the Biden Administration’s BEAD Program;

2) Recognition of EMS/EHS as a disability and accommodation through fiber to the premises as well as public zones that are wireless-free.

3) We also gave people the opportunity to express something personal about their EMS/EHS disability.

Here’s what we found and are communicating to the FCC in the attached paper: Over 50% of the total respondents asked for fiber to the premises, over 62% asked for recognition of EMS as a disability with accommodation including wireless free zones, and over 65% wrote to the FCC saying they were electrosensitive and there were some very moving examples of how restricted so many of us are.

We offer direct quotes from the comments in all three categories and then Scott closed advising the FCC that these comments cry out for accommodation and relief. Attached please find our REPLY COMMENTS FOR ADVOCATES FOR THE EMS DISABLED.

Our best to all,
Susan, Scott & Odette
McCollough Law Firm
PO Box 1444
Lyons, CO 80540


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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