2022-06-25 CELA amendment defeated

1) Senator Patterson (Nunavut) proposed in the Senate (of Canada) to include RF radiation in the Canadian Environmental Act CEPA (supported by Senator Stephen Greene from Nova Scotia).

The amendment was voted down, thanks to a government (represented by Senator Kutcher) who tried to strike it down as quickly as possible in the ENEV Committee before and now in the full Senate.


or   Facebook  https://tinyurl.com/2rbbja6w                                            (Senator Patterson begins to speak at about 20:47)

It seems that Senator Kutcher’s major argument against this amendment was that EMF is not a “substance”. Pretty feeble — a “no” vote looking for a justification. Many thanks to Dr. Meg Sears for her hard work and to Senator Patterson for his support.

2) While no definite cause for “Havana Syndrome” has been identified, pulsed microwave radiation being used as a weapon is suspected.

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Havana Syndrome’ Victims to Receive Compensation

“After years of investigations and legislative pressure from Congress on their behalf, some victims of “Havana syndrome” are to receive $100,000 to $200,000 each in compensation. The health problems first reported by diplomats and intelligence officials include headaches, vision problems, dizziness, and brain fog. The US has not been able to determine the cause of what it calls Anomalous Health Incidents. The biggest payments would be awarded to current and former employees who lost their jobs or whose careers were damaged….

Speculation had raged for years that a foreign enemy was using a weapon of some sort on Americans. But the CIA has said it’s found no evidence of that, though it’s also said pulsed electromagnetic energy devices could be the culprits.”


More articles: https://www.newser.com/tag/76438/1/havana-syndrome.html

More info links: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/us-senate-finally-admits-that-neuroweapons-exist-passes-bill-to-help-diplomat-victims-s-1828-havana-act-of-2021/

3) A member just told me that a secondary school (Belmont Secondary in Langford, BC) she recently visited had multiple wifi modems in every room she visited, in addition to “smart” boards, and would have wireless devices like laptops or tablets during a typical day. In addition, there is a cell tower nearby and high power lines over the school. The member is sensitive and couldn’t stay longer than a few minutes. Her grandchild will not be attending that school in Sept even though it is close by, thanks to this unhealthy environment.

The school, which is very new, has a health clinic attached where all sorts of problems are brought by the students to doctors and nurses. A Counsellor at the school states that 1 in 5 students suffer mental health issues. No one seems to be aware of the potential that all of this EMF exposure is a major contributing factor. How can School Boards, and doctors and nurses, be educated about this?

Wellness Centre at Belmont

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46K2rT4gdM8   (2:19 min.)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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