2022-06-23 SpaceX feuding with Dish’s 5G

1) Dr. Stephen Sinatra has died. He was a cardiologist who also was very involved with researching and educating people about the risks associated with EMF.


He spoke on the benefits of earthing, especially for people who have health problems such as EHS. He will be missed by many.


2) In addition to polluting the skies with satellites that emit radiation to every part of the earth, the gases that result from launches are polluting and heating the upper atmosphere, adding to the problem of warming an already “too hot” earth.

Don’t Believe The Hype, The Billionaire Space Race Is Killing Earth

“So don’t believe the hype. Every rocket harms the environment, even the carbon-neutral ones and hydrogen ones. We are only just understanding how these upper atmosphere emissions are changing our planet, but so far, it looks like it is definitely for the worse, and on a widespread scale. Could this put a pause on Musk’s Mars ambitions, or Bezos’s space station plans? Possibly. I at least hope they are discussing how to mitigate these problems, but looking at their track records, I very much doubt it. Instead, the burden falls on us, the public and the government organisations that regulate these space companies, to ensure that reaching for the heavens doesn’t cost the Earth.”


3) A feud is brewing between 2 Network providers; Dish, which has just expanded its terrestrial 5G service, and SpaceX, with its satellite service. Both use the same frequency, but apparently Dish will interfere with SpaceX,. But wouldn’t SpaceX interfere with Dish too?

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SpaceX Says Dish Network’s 5G Aspirations Could Render Starlink Internet ‘Unusable’

“Starlink is the satellite internet service SpaceX has been deploying. Unlike previous services, Starlink is a low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, giving it the ability to compete with traditional broadband, in terms of speed and latency. According to SpaceX, Dish Network’s 5G rollout threatens that service by using the same 12GHz band spectrum Starlink relies on, causing interference that will render “the band effectively unusable for satellite service to most Americans.” ”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”     Henry David Thoreau


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