2022-06-22 Another example of Health Canada’s “negligence”

1) This is from a member. Although not RF related, clearly this article illustrates another example of a “captured agency”. In this case, the US EPA was captured by Bayer/Monsanto and/or the Trump administration. It’s no wonder the average citizen is so grossly misinformed when we see federal agencies, whose job it is to protect us from harm, often do the opposite. Despite this ruling, Roundup is still being used but hopefully this Court decision will result in Bayer/Monsanto being forced to stop manufacturing and selling this product that was classified as a probable carcinogen by the WHO in 2015. Then maybe Canada will follow.

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U.S. court rejects EPA finding that weed killer safe

“A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a Trump administration finding that the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup does not pose a serious health risk and is “not likely” to cause cancer in humans….

Writing for a unanimous three-judge panel, Judge Michelle Friedland said EPA’s finding of no risk to human health “was not supported by substantial evidence.” She also ruled that EPA fell short of its obligations under the Endangered Species Act by inadequately examining glyphosate’s impact on animal species and vegetation.”


Even though 8 of 10 provinces have banned the sale of Roundup, Health Canada has given Bayer/Monsanto approval based, perhaps, on biased information. It seems probable carcinogens are “safe” according to Health Canada. As with EMF, science is ignored by Health Canada.


Is Roundup Used in Canada?

According to EcoJustice, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency based its approval of glyphosate on incorrect information. Allegedly, the agency based its approval on studies provided or altered by Monsanto and Bayer, makers of glyphosate. EcoJustice argues that the information was not free from bias, and presented glyphosate as safe in Monsanto and Bayer’s best interests.”



2) 5G continues to be of concern for the airlines, with concerns that suggested changes will not be enough to prevent interference.


Airlines Group Argues 5G Filters Not Enough; “significant bleed-over to the radio altimeter band is inevitable.

“Airlines for America, a trade group that represents the major US airlines, is not so happy. “We have serious concerns that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has placed the burden on the aviation industry to act in a way that would previously be considered, by the FAA itself, to be reckless in the context of design changes to safety-critical avionics,” the group told FAA Acting Administrator Billy Nolen in a letter on Friday. The letter was posted on Twitter by Reuters reporter David Shepardson….

Airlines for America argued that the 220 MHz guard band isn’t enough because 5G transmissions use “such high power that significant bleed-over to the radio altimeter band is inevitable.” The 220 MHz guard band is really 400 MHz in practice this year because AT&T and Verizon are not yet deploying above 3.8 GHz.”


3) A major win in Europe for a dairy farmer whose cows suffered effects caused by a high voltage power line. There have been similar complaints here in No. America, https://stopidahopower.blogspot.com/2009/04/dairy-sues-over-stray-voltage.html


Very high voltage line: justice condemns RTE
In the Channel, the damage suffered by a dairy farmer has been recognized. He will receive 460,000 euros.

“He was asking RTE for nearly 658,000 euros to compensate his client. “ This means that the link between the electrical work and the problems encountered on the farm, such as the loss of milk production, is recognized. Other farmers can now hope to win their case, too ,” said the Parisian lawyer.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“All great achievements require time.”    Maya Angelou


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