2022-06-20 Rogers’ first 3500 MHz 5G network in Nanaimo

1) Dr. Meg Sears is devoted to preventing cancer and to addressing the environmental issues that so seriously affect our health, such as EMF.

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2) If anyone in Nanaimo can take photos of the transmitters and/or take RF readings near one, please send to:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “Nanaimo 5G” on the subject line.

Nanaimo first Canadian city to connect to Rogers Communications’ new high capacity network

“Nanaimo is the first city in Canada to receive Rogers Communications’ new 3500 MHz 5G cellular system as the company begins deploying its new high-speed service.

Rogers announced, in a press release, the high-speed service went live Wednesday, June 15, and the company will continue switching on the service across Canada, including Vancouver and other urban centres as well as multiple rural areas.

“Today’s deployment builds on our foundational 5G investment in low-band 600 MHz spectrum, so we can usher in a new era of mobile and fixed wireless broadband that will create jobs, fuel innovation and keep our economy competitive,” said Tony Staffieri, Rogers Communications president and CEO, in the release….

The company says its 3500 MHz spectrum will provide increased capacity and more reliable services for customers with wireless home internet, and will benefit operations for commercial enterprises, universities, and public-sector customers operating private wireless networks.”


3) This seems to mean that multiple transmitters can be put on poles outside our homes increasing the RF levels to which we’re exposed. Currently, multiple telecoms “share” macro cell towers, often resulting in many transmitters from different companies beaming signals throughout neighbourhoods. And according to ISED guidelines, once the tower is up, no agency or Council has to approve and no one is told about these additional transmitters.

Bell Canada fined $7.5 million for denying rivals access to telephone networks

“Federal regulators yesterday fined Bell Canada $7.5 million for breach of the Telecommunications Act. The media giant was cited for unfair practices in denying rivals’ access to its telephone pole network for home hookups….

“In terms of the internet it is really a key issue of how companies get access,” said Christopher. “There should be a cost-base access to the networks and a cutting of red tape and extra fees to ensure companies all have access to networks on a level playing field.” ”


4) Makes sense that cell phone radiation would affect the ear as well as the brain and other parts of the body. One misstatement to note:

“Ionizing radiation, a higher energy form of radiation that cell phones emit has been found to cause some brain and central nervous system cancers.” Cell phones emit non-ionizing radiation, not ionizing radiation.

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Usage of Cell Phones and possible Ear Cancer risk

“Cell phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives. We end up spending hours on our phones without realizing the harm it does to us. The human body absorbs energy from devices leading to various health hazards, which may also include brain and skin cancer.

While we know a lot about other types of cancer, many have probably never heard of ear cancer. Ear cancer often starts as skin cancer in the outer ear and spreads to various other ear structures.

Ear cancer can affect both the inside and outside of the ear. It typically begins as skin cancer in the external ear or in the ear canal, but it can also develop in the eardrum, temporal bone, ossicles, mastoid, facial nerve, and inner ear organs of hearing and balance.”



From: Cece Doucette of Massachusetts for Safe Technology

World EHS Day Video!

“Wow, what an incredibly humbling event.

We blew through our Zoom licensing with the number of registrants, which goes to show how important the wireless radiation issue is becoming to so many.

Thank you to those harmed by cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, small cells, smart meters and solar systems for the courage to share your experiences in two-minute segments.

We hope you’ll watch the video below and be moved to share it widely to raise awareness of the symptoms, the need for safe technology regulation and accommodations for those injured.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfC42ftfSlk   (1:07 hr.)

Let’s Keep Learning Together

More and more people are joining the technology safety conversation every day, and we are providing a means for them to quickly come up to speed on the facts.

Massachusetts for Safe Technology and our friends at New Hampshire for Safe Technology are co-hosting free community webinars twice a month.

Please join us and invite others to do the same: family, friends, medical teams, colleagues, schools, town leaders, local EMTs, legislators and your professional organizations.”

Register Wednesday, June 22, noon ET
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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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