2022-05-11 Might EMR –> Osteoporosis?

1) In Arthur Firstenberg’s most recent newsletter, he ponders the possible relationship between the increase in osteoporosis (even in children) and the increase in wireless radiation to which we are exposed during our daily lives.


“I was astonished by the number of people who contacted me after I broke my arm telling me they had broken theirs too — some of them this year, and others within the last few years. It occurred to me to wonder: has there been a significant increase in osteoporosis and bone fractures around the world? and if so, is this yet another health effect caused by the use of cell phones and their infrastructure irradiating our bones as well as the rest of our bodies?”


2) An international telecom magazine is asking many excellent questions about the safety of wireless technology, and wondering why standards are inconsistent and lax.

Will 5G Kill Me? When Telecom Politics Become a Deadly Sin

“5G and the trend in wireless network evolution in general, have a dark side to it: HEALTH!! This is probably the least discussed topic in wireless networks. In all honesty, why would someone bring a topic to the limelight if it will affect the adoption of the associated technology and stir unnecessary controversy.

As standards evolved, cell sites have been getting closer to the subscribers to ensure proper capacity and coverage. 5G is the pinnacle of wireless standards with an expected relatively dense deployment of street-level cell sites at close proximity of mobile users. The projected addition of higher frequencies to the 5G palette makes things even worse.”


3) One psychiatrist (also a parent) found that many of her teenage patients were on their smartphones at least 9 hours a day. Some of the industry-biased studies that conclude that there is no relationship between cell phones and brain cancer reported on people using smartphones for only minutes a day.

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Teenage smart phone addiction (Washington Post)

Meet the parents who refuse to give their kids smartphones
The vast majority of teens and tweens today have smartphones. These parents said no.

Stacey is a hard-liner in a war being waged in homes everywhere as grown-ups attempt to limit smartphone use that they believe can be harmful to kids, even as they struggle to establish healthy habits with their own phones. And, big surprise, the parents aren’t winning. Because it’s not just their children they’re up against, but also a tech industry pushing products that insiders say are designed to be addictive and a society that has largely capitulated to the norms and urges and expectations all those phones and apps have created….

Smartphone addiction mimics substance-abuse in the way it triggers dopamine responses in the brain, says Bradley Aaron Zicherman, who runs a recovery clinic for adolescents at Stanford Children’s Health.””




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”     Robert Frost





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