2022-05-05 FCC auction brings in $22 billion

1) Arthur Firstenberg’s newsletter this month introduces his new assistant and his plans to coordinate with many other organizations to reduce the toxins killing the earth, including RF. Please consider not using wireless devices. Cell phones are so very convenient but each one contributes to destroying our environment.

Also, here is an important group asking for EU citizens to sign a petition:


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“Of the many assaults on the atmosphere, oceans, forests, wildlife, and human life, the cell phone is unique. It is unique because it is destroying the Earth faster than any other threat — faster than fossil fuels, pesticides, radioactivity, plastics, or any other assault. And because the pollution it emits — radio frequency (RF) radiation — is the only pollutant that is being spread everywhere deliberately and not inadvertently: in order for a cell phone to work when you want it to, every square inch of the Earth must be heavily irradiated at all times.”


2) Magpies may be smarter than many people– they refuse to wear devices that can track them wirelessly.


Unexpected, Rare Avian Behavior Stuns Scientists

“The scientists intended to learn more about the birds by using innovative, tiny, wearable tracking devices to collect data on all sorts of daily magpie activities…

“Within ten minutes of fitting the final tracker, we witnessed an adult female without a tracker working with her bill to try and remove the harness off of a younger bird,” according to Potvin.  “Within hours, most of the other trackers had been removed. By day 3, even the dominant male of the group had its tracker successfully dismantled.”


or   https://tinyurl.com/4by9uwuw

3) FCC auction of a small section of spectrum puts more than $22 billion in government pocket. This is one reason we have so much trouble trying to fight wireless — the conflicts of interest are so immense and profitable. Another auction will begin July 29 !!!

FCC grants 5G licenses from 3.45 GHz auction

“The results speak for themselves,” she said. “The licenses we are granting today represent a wider variety of providers, including small businesses and rural carriers, who will help deliver on the promise of 5G to every corner of the country.”…

The 3.45 GHz auction resulted in gross proceeds of more than $22.5 billion, making it the third highest grossing auction in the FCC’s history. Licensees can use the spectrum for fixed or mobile uses.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.”     H. G. Wells




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