2022-04-27 Children at risk at school

1) From ART about Wi-Fi in schools. Are you aware that, in British Columbia, it is the Board of Trustees who decide if a school should have Wi-Fi instead of fiber optic cable? Not the Dept. of Education and not the Principal. Parents have little say before a Board, and some Board members (remember the Trustees of the Central Okanagan Board?) do not believe science or believe they know more than experts such as Dr. Devra Davis.


This is a project to which many should devote energy because children are victims of exposure and many will face a lifetime of health problems. The Trustees here, as in the USA, have a legal responsibility (not to mention a moral one) to protect children as well as teachers and if they fail to fulfill it, they can be sued. Their insurance plans will not protect them if they are not acting “in good faith”.

We need your help to protect America’s school children!

“Every day, tens of millions of kids are being exposed to a dense fog of RF radiation in their classrooms from laptops, tablets, phones, routers and other wireless devices. It’s like being inside a microwave oven on very low power….

School administrators have a legal obligation t to protect the children in their schools. They have a “Duty of Care” to be aware of any hazard, and to take steps to mitigate that hazard.”



2) Apparently, the fiasco with interference by 5G transmitters on the aviation industry has caused the FCC to review how signals are received as well as how they are sent. Notice that the threat of “regulations” hangs over the industry. Now, if we could get a similar threat re. wireless radiation’s health effects.

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FCC kicks off new examination of wireless receivers

“Receivers that are not sufficiently resilient can make it more difficult to introduce additional services in the same or adjacent airwaves”—which is exactly the issue that the FCC ran into in the run-up to the activation of C-Band spectrum by AT&T and Verizon, when the Federal Aviation Administration and the aviation industry pushed for the delay and geographical limitation of C-Band deployments due to fears about interference with legacy altimeters;…

…Simington, a Republican, has been a driving force for the consideration of receiver performance metrics—although he has also said that he hopes that ultimately, the mere consideration of regulation by the commission will nudge industry to act on its own to improve receiver performance.”


3) There have been many promises that 5G would be dramatically faster and more efficient than 4G — the best thing ever. But now, people are beginning to realize that 5G isn’t all that was promised. Wait until they compare performance with fiber!!

5G is a joke and the iPhone is the well-timed punchline
Apple may have been late to the 5G party but the party was lame anyway.

“…what we have now is widespread 5G that’s more or less the same speed as (or even slower than) 4G and super-fast mmWave 5G in some parts of some major cities with highly limited range….

The modest and spotty improvements brought by 5G might be fine, but as The Wall Street Journal reported, 5G also drains your battery like it’s mining bitcoin on your phone in the background.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We need to protect the health and wellbeing of future generations, because without them there is no future! If we don’t do it . . . who will?”     Dr. Magda Havas


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