2022-04-25 Submission to BCUC re. FortisBC’s gas smeter & Report on EMF–> early onset Alzheimer’s

1) A small group of us, under the group name of CORE, prepared non-expert” evidence (not all that we wanted to submit – BCUC has given us very strict stipulations) which was combined with expert evidence by Drs. Tony Miller, Paul Heroux and Magda Havas to support our argument against FortisBC’s application for gas smeters. Our lawyers submitted it to the BCUC on April 14.

At this point, there is still an opportunity for non-interveners to present evidence (scientific, personal, etc.) or statements regarding concerns pertaining to health, safety, security, costs, environmental damage, etc. It is so very important that more comments be received. Below is a sample letter. It is far easier to submit a comment this way than through the website itself.


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p.66-80 – https://docs.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2022/DOC_66296_C7-12-1-CORE-Intervener-Evidence.pdf

The expert evidence is excellent and I think Magda Havas’s is especially enlightening. Exponent has stated for years that the human body emits more RF than a smeter. The last time, BCUC believed it! She refutes this statement brilliantly. Frankly, if Mr. Bailey believes his body emits high levels of pulsed RF, he should see a doctor.


2) This is a very recent report and is available to anyone. Click on “download” and “pdf “. I highly recommend reading it — it is easy to skip the highly technical portions and get to the part we can understand.

Low Intensity Electromagnetic Fields Act via Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC) Activations to Cause Very Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: 18 Distinct Types of Evidence

“Rats exposed to pulsed EMFs every day are reported to develop universal or near universal very very very early onset neurodegeneration including AD; these findings are superficially similar to humans with digital dementia….
The author is concerned that smarter, more highly pulsed “smart” wireless communication may cause widespread very, very early onset AD in human populations.”

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35114921/   &


I’ve taken just a few of the many significant statements from Dr. Pall’s report. His conclusion is frightening.

The numbers in brackets in the text refer to footnotes. One thing to keep in mind as you read this is that the electricity smeters on our homes, for example, emit many (hundreds or even thousands) extremely short (fraction of a millisecond), pulsed signals each day. And FortisBC wants to add more.

– 4. DECREASING AGE OF ONSET OF AD There has been a rapid drop in the age of onset of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other neurological diseases in recent years [23-27]. As a consequence of that, people circa age 30 have been coming down with AD – these cases are still relatively rare, but they were unheard of until recently. One study [26] suggests EMF causation of such early onset. There have been large increases in microwave frequency pulse modulated EMF exposures, starting in the mid-1990s with cordless phones and satellite phones followed by cell (mobile) phones and cell phone tower (mobile phone base station) radiation, smart meters, digital power supplies and digital inverters, increased civilian radar usage, and of course, increased amount of modulating pulsation going from 2G to 3G to 4G and to 5G. The timing of the recent decreasing age of onset of AD corresponds, at least roughly, to increases in such EMF exposure, suggesting but not proving possible EMF causation. (pg. 2-3)

– There are at least 100 nanosecond pulse studies where such pulses produce biological effects in the EMF-Portal database. (pg. 3)

– The modulated pulsation findings are especially important for 5G radiation, where any full-fledged 5G system communicating with “the internet of things” will expose us to trillions extremely short modulating and many billions of paired pulses of identical polarity. The pulsations of 5G radiation are modulating pulses, not the pure pulses of these nanosecond pulses. (pg. 3)

Pulsation may also be of great importance for other highly pulsed radiation, such as 4G or smart meter radiation. It is essential, therefore, that each of these be biologically tested for safety before they irradiate the unsuspecting public, but no such safety testing has been done. (pg. 3)

In summary, the findings in this section implicate elevated VGCC activity in both the causation of AD and also in the exacerbation of already existing cases of AD. The consequence of the exacerbation of AD raises an issue that has not been discussed above – namely whether lowering EMF exposures of AD patients either by improving their existing environment or moving them to a low EMF environment may produce substantial improvements or slow down the progression of AD. (pg. 4)

A large number of such epidemiological studies have shown a higher incidence of AD in human populations with higher EMF exposures [26, 43-52]. AD is thought to typically show a latency period of about 25 years from the time of initiation of the disease process via a stressor (such as head trauma) and the development of AD symptoms. However, many of these studies report increases in AD incidence in much shorter times, suggesting that EMF exposures may lower the latency period. (pg 5)

The nervous system, including the brain was the most sensitive organ in the body to EMFcaused histological changes followed by the heart and the testis, but with many other organs also being impacted. (pg.5)

– Examination of reviews [66-68] of effects on people living within 300 to 400 m of mobile phone base stations shows that such people do develop widespread neurological/neuropsychiatric effects. (pg. 7)

– A study showed that giving each animal 100 or 1000 EMF pulses in 1 day (at 2 months of age) within 1 or 10 seconds of one day, produced universal or near universal AD in 20 month old rats [79]; another showed that giving these pulses once per day produced universal or near universal very, very, very early onset AD at 10 months of age.
3. Because rats have a lifespan of circa 36 months, the AD development [79] corresponds roughly to 42 year old humans and to 21 year old humans developing universal or near universal AD [80]. (pg. 8)

– Up until 30 years ago, early onset AD in humans was caused mainly by relatively rare mutations that each have powerful causal roles in AD [23]. However, we see here universal or near universal very or very, very, very early onset AD being caused solely by EMF pulses. (pg. 11)

– . Those time varying magnetic forces are very highly penetrating and can act both directly and indirectly to place strong forces on the electrical charges on the VGCC voltage sensor to activate the channels [22]. They can, therefore, produce very highly penetrating effects deep in the human body even when they are present at millimeter wave frequencies where electric fields are largely absorbed in the outer 1 mm or so of the body. (pg. 11)

Pulsations, both modulating pulses and pure nanosecond pulses produce much higher effects than non-pulsed EMFs of the same average intensity. Moreover, the entire telecommunications industry is in a big push towards greater and greater pulsation in order to carry larger and larger amounts of information. This includes, of course, 2G leading to 3G leading to 4G leading to 5G and, in addition, smart meters, smart cities and even smart highways, etc. This push for smarter, ever more highly pulsed devices may well be leading us to the ultimate disaster: universal or near universal very very very (early) onset AD in human populations. (pg. 11)



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