2022-04-21 ART newsletter – smeters and 5G

1) One of our members from Quebec just learned that her neighbours had obtained a ‘non-communicating’ meter, and when Quebec Hydro asked them why they wanted to remove their smeter, they said “for the bees”. Quebec Hydro allows this change at any time for a monthly fee of $2.50. BC Hydro will not allow any new “opt outs” and, for those of us who asked many years ago, we’re still paying $20 a month.

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Isn’t it time for BCUC to review these charges as well as the policy of refusing all requests for a “non-communicating” meter given all the scientific evidence and personal experiences pointing to the harm associated with prolonged exposure to RF? Time for another campaign?? BC Hydro has yet to give a financial accounting of the costs of the smeter program, the costs to allow some of us to “opt out” or the monies paid for this privilege. As far as I know, BC Hydro is charging more than all other utilities.

“You can choose to have a non-communicating meter installed, provided all the prerequisite conditions have been met. This option entails having a Hydro‑Québec employee travel to your premises to obtain your consumption data. Note that only the account holder can make this request.

A one-time $85 installation fee applies, followed by a monthly $2.50 fee (prorated according to your billing cycle). In the interest of fairness, Hydro‑Québec must ask customers who choose this option to cover the additional manual reading costs associated with the use of a non-communicating meter.”

https://www.hydroquebec.com/data/documents-donnees/pdf/conditions-service-en.pdf    (see pg. 12)

2) A newsletter from ART (Americans for Responsible Technology) with some really good info on smeters and opt-out programs that exist or are being worked toward. I have provided ART with our webpage which has opt out information along with fees. We’ve been collecting this for years and make changes as people report them to me.


They have an opt out map but it doesn’t include anything for Canada. If anyone has time to do a comparison and put ours up-to-date, please let me know at: citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca . Also, as always, ART has important info on 5G. What happens in the USA is more than likely to happen here.

“The resistance to involuntary exposure to wireless radiation continues to grow across the country as Americans begin to understand the risks to themselves and their children. Here’s a round-up of some current actions you should know about….

Do you have a legal right to refuse a small cell or macro tower or antenna on your own property, or at the very least be notified that one will be installed?

In Los Angeles County, telecom companies, with the approval of local authorities, are registering a separate address for telephone poles installed on private property and claiming a property right to that pole, based on their public right of way easement.”


Contact info with other groups across North America advocating against smeters and educating people about wireless radiation.


3) The people of Qualicum Beach have such amazing tenacity, and knowing they are right explains it. Another great letter below from Marcus which, no doubt, will be ignored by the powers-that-be, just as so many have been.



April, 20, 2022

Att: Susan Hart,
ISED, Director General, Spectrum Management Operations

Michael Fu, Manager, West.Region, Spectrum ISED
Brian Ries, Operations Manager ISED.
Brian Gregg, Sitepath Consulting

Dear Mrs. Hart,

My previous efforts to communicate with Mr. Michael Fu and Mr. Brian Ries were completely ignored, as both public servants appear not to see fit to reply to my letters, nor the reminder I have sent. To be clear, I have not received a single response from either one of them.

I also want to bring the manipulative and highly unethical methods of telecom lobbyist, Mr. Brian Gregg, of Sitepath Consulting, to your attention.

For your benefit, I include the same 3 images which I previously sent to Mr. Fu and Mr. Ries. (see links in email below this)
The outrageous disconnect between the artist rendering, which Mr. Gregg provided to Gold River, and the ugly reality which TELUS imposed on the unsuspecting residents of Gold River, should make any ISED manager cringe and deeply upset. This is not a mistake, but deliberate public deception by Sitepath Consulting. If Sitepath is unable to conduct business in a fair, open and honest way, their license should be revoked.

Incredibly, Mr. Fu, nor Mr. Ries, consider such grotesque public manipulation offensive. Instead, Mr. Fu expressed in a Zoom Meeting with Dr. Fred and Carol Dowe, as well as biologist, Karen Specht, of Qualicum Beach, that he has full confidence in Mr. Gregg, because, . . . he works for many telecom companies. ????

In Qualicum Beach, Mr. Gregg failed to provide notifications to 10 residents whose homes are located directly below and near the massive proposed Telus cell tower.
When they attempted to contact Mr. Gregg, as Mr. Fu and Ries suggested, he simply ignored them, and when they wrote to Mr. Fu and Mr. Ries, they, just like Mr. Gregg also ignored their letters, in which they requested that the process be put on hold, until proper process is followed, which was conveniently omitted by Mr. Gregg. All 10 homeowners submitted in writing that none of them received notification by Mr. Gregg.

Mrs. Specht, whose home will be directly below the immense cell tower, told Mr. Fu and Ries repeatedly, that she has not received any notification from Sitepath Consulting, but she was stoically ignored by both ISED managers.

When ISED’s Mr. Fu and Ries conduct Zoom meetings with highly concerned and informed citizens, they cannot simply go through the motions in order to claim public consultation, and in the end ignore the people they are supposed to serve, as they have a fiduciary duty to act in their best interest, in an honest and transparent manner.

As you will read in my attached emails below, which remain unanswered to this day, the issue of Telus’s Gold River cell tower, and its extreme microwave radiation emissions, also remain unanswered. (included in prior emails. Not attached )

To put this excessive radiation into perspective for you, the microwave radiation level, which I measured with a brand new, lab certified, radio frequency meter, is equal to being 2 inches away from the base station of a Panasonic – Bluetooth, DECT phone, which are notorious for excessive radiation emissions.

There are little children playing in those front yards, and this no different than if they had the DECT phone strapped to their little bodies. We are not only dealing with exposure to one part of the body, like the head, in a short phone call, which is bad enough, but constant and extreme, full body radiation exposure of a child!
If you have a child or grandchildren, would you want them to live in this radiation soup, knowing that hundreds of documents exist, which illustrate adverse health effects to humans, at radiation levels far, far below Canada’s scientifically obsolete Code 6?

The person who lives on top of the hill, mentioned in my letter below, wants to see action by ISED to correct this travesty, due to the constitutional right to personal safety.

If no insurance company will touch Telus with a ten foot pole, which even large insurance underwriters like Swiss-Re refuse to support because of insurance industry radiation risk analysis, Telus, nor ISED, is in no position to assure long-term safety to anyone.

Please read my unanswered letter, below.
Since I have waited a long time to hear from ISED, I respectfully ask for your response.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Consultant

= = =

From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: “Susan Hart, ISED, Director General, Spectrum Management Operat.” <susan.hart2@canada.ca>, “Michael Fu, Manager, West.Region, Spectrum ISED” <michael.fu@ised-isde.gc.ca>, “Carol Dowe” <caroldowe@gmail.com>, “Fred Dowe” <fred@dowe.ca>, “Bernie Ries” <bernie.ries@canada.ca>
Sent: Monday, April 4, 2022 7:03:23 PM
Subject: Re: Brian Gregg, Gold River and Qualicum Beach TELUS cell towers

Greetings, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Fu, and Mr. Ries,

Well over 3 weeks have passed, and I have not received a response from anyone regarding my letter of March 9, 2021, regarding Telus’s lobbyist Brian Gregg, from Site Path Consulting, and his underhanded methods in dealing with the public. (see letter below).

The mandate of ISIS employees is not to defend telecom lobbyists, like Mr. Gregg, but to serve the citizens whose tax dollars funds ISED. As public servants, it is your duty to act openly, in the best interest of Canadians, independently of industry pressure, and free of industry ties.

To illustrate, just how far Mr. Gregg is willing to go, in deceiving town councils and its residents, I am including Telus’s mockup Gregg provided to Gold River. I also included REAL photographs of what Telus’s Mr. Gregg imposed on the unsuspecting public.




This industrial monstrosity looms directly over several homes. The photograph which shows a portion of a home, identified as (2.94MB), was taken on Eagle Crescent in Gold River, BC. What is not evident in the photograph is that this home is located on a small mountain, and that this hideous, industrial cell tower structure is far taller than seen in the photograph.

Clearly, Mrs. Heart, Mr. Fu and Mr. Reis, you must agree after scrutinizing the mockup, compared with reality, that this constitutes unethical, public deception at the highest level, by Mr. Gregg. If he was a man of integrity, he would have used a REAL photograph of a monopole cell tower structure, of similar dimension and height, which Telus has plenty of.

My 11 year old grandson would have no trouble inserting such an image into a location photograph, to provide an accurate depiction of Telus’s intent. Why is tech giant Telus, or Brian Gregg, incapable of performing what most children can do with one hand?

The arrival of this huge cell tower resulted in an immediate property devaluation of all homes around the tower. Would any one of you  like to have such a monstrous industrial structure right behind or beside your home? How would you feel if the telecom industry would destroy the panoramic view from your living room, or your patio, by placing a hideous cell tower structure right outside your home?

If you consider this acceptable, then I suggest you lobby the telecom industry to erect monstrous cell towers in front of Premier Horgan, Justin Trudeau, or perhaps billionaire Jimmy Pattison’s private residence.

But what is far more tragic is, that in EVERY home around this immense microwave transmitter, the occupants are not well, which includes a young family!

I also noticed the rapid decline of several cedar trees around the cell tower, which were healthy before. This phenomena is not evident in any other cedar trees located far away from the microwave transmitters. How do you explain this?

A packed audience of Dutch arborists held an emergency meeting in Holland, as many trees in proximity of cell towers withered away and died across the country. None of them, including the attending biologist, have ever witnessed this before.

Certainly, this is not psychosomatic, as trees have not read that chronic radiation exposure causes adverse health effects to cell structures.

As a certified EMF consultant who has recorded many microwave readings, at the same location as seen in the photograph showing the home, I will testify in court on behalf of the injured, when Telus and Sitepath Brian Gregg gets sued for gross negligence causing bodily harm, that the radiation levels have skyrocketed to absurd and extreme levels since the construction of the Telus’s microwave transmitter.

Even during Covid lockdowns, a crew of 3 installed other transmitters.

This is the same unethical Telus lobbyist who claims that all 10 home owners around the proposed Qualicum Beach received notifications from Sitepath, even though none received written notifications, as all 10 home owners expressed in written statements to ISED.

If ISED is unwilling to protect the public from these ruthless lobbyists, then please explain to me, what is the purpose of ISED?

As outlined in my letter below, the homeowner of 524 Mallard Way, whose home is in direct line of 3 powerful sector antennas at close range, wants to know if YOU will take action to correct this egregious violation of his human rights by Telus.

This homeowner uses no cell phone, no WiFi, nor a DECT phone, and insists on his human right not to have his home, nor his body, violated by Telus, 24/7/365, radiation exposure, which is currently present in every room of this home. There is no consent!

Please extend the courtesy of an honest reply, and due to my position as a certified EMF consultant, please spare me Health Canada’s reprehensibly outdated Code 6, as even you must realize that they have become a captured agency.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Consultant


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”     Winston Churchill





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