2022-04-16 Telus asking for our help re. 5G !

1) Unbelievably, Telus is asking for our support in their effort to get access to spectrum to extend 5G to rural areas. They are asking us to write our MPs to help them!! They can’t do it on their own with their lobbying millions of dollars? If anything, we should be writing our MPs asking for wired access to homes, that fiber optic cable be brought to and through homes to bring the fastest internet possible and not for Telus to provide wireless 5G to pollute the environment, harming flora and fauna.

You can help bring 5G benefits to all Canadians

“Sign the letter below to tell your local Member of Parliament that all Canadians deserve to benefit from 5G. It’s never been more important.”


2) The USA, like Canada, has no RF guideline that protects the environment, or any living thing really. The FCC and Safety Code 6 guidelines are among the worst in the world, based solely on heating. This means that local governments must take action, as best they can, given the telecom-biased policies in both countries. If we can get CEPA amended to include EMF/RF, the environment will get some protection here in Canada.

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Duncan Oklahoma has an environmental provision: “Telecommunications facilities shall not be permitted in any wetland, floodplain, or wilderness or wildlife area and disturbance to wetland buffer areas shall be minimized. A telecommunications facility shall not be permitted in any area where it would threaten endangered species or critical habitats. Telecommunications facilities shall not be permitted where they would significantly change surface area, contribute significantly to deforestation or create significant water diversions.”…

The EPA was defunded from researching the issue just as it was poised to develop RF safety standards for human exposure in 1996. Thus, the US does not have federally developed safety standards based on U.S. agency expert research to determine a safe level. Instead the US has RF exposure guidelines promulgated by the FCC which set limits in 1996 based on limits created by industry dominated/tied groups.

The EPA used to measure RF and non-ionizing EMF levels. The last Report was a 1986 Report on Environmental Exposure Levels. The FCC also had programs taking RF measurements from cell antennas but the field offices were shuttered. In sharp contrast to the USA, many other countries have RF measuring projects with RF radiation levels posted on public websites including:                                             France , SpainAustriaGreeceTurkeyIndiaIsraelGibraltar, Brussels, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Malta, Brazil, Bahrain, MonacoFrench PolynesiaBhutonSenegalFrance even has 5G monitoring stations.” (NOTE: Canada is missing.)



3) An interesting article from Tree Care Industry Magazine. It’s a year old but everything is still relevant. FM, AM, and cell transmitters pose special dangers to the people getting this magazine. The injuries reported appear to be thermal from being too close to the active transmitter. Nothing about the risk of non-thermal harm that might not show up for some time. Too bad that the FCC and Cancer Society information is totally misleading.

Beware the Dangers from AM Radio and 5G Transmission Sites

“As if tree care isn’t dangerous enough, there’s an increasing safety threat that hasn’t yet gotten much attention – radio waves. Radio waves are everywhere, and have been since the dawn of the universe. Man-made ones have been around for more than a century, starting with the wireless telegraph. But with ever-more sophisticated uses of the radio spectrum and increased use of aerial equipment –aerial lifts and cranes – in proximity to the source of radio waves, serious injury becomes a concern.”

Beware the Dangers from AM Radio and 5G Transmission Sites



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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