2022-04-01 Cluster of brain cancers in New Jersey

1) The telecoms, Health Canada, WHO, etc. keep telling us that there are no health effects at exposures below the various guidelines, such as Safety Code 6. Here is a chart that was part of the BioInitiative Report, showing effects at very low levels.

The first 5 pages measure RF (power density) that pertain to devices that, normally, are some distance from your body such as cell towers, smeters, Wi-Fi (I will have a chart with SC 6 power densities in tomorrow’s update). 

From page 6 is SAR (specific absorption rate) which pertains to devices that are close to your body like cell phones. Please note for cell phones (take a look at the info I got from ISED re. cell phones they tested https://phonegatealert.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/A-2020-00915-Responsive-Records.pdf) and compare the biological effects that have been reported at their levels. SC 6 SAR is 1.6W/kg.


2) Telecoms are being allowed to install transmitters anywhere they want in many countries. Many, as shown below, are close to head level, close to where people live, work or play. There are some great photos of towers and transmitters of various types at:  www.emrabc.ca . This article is originally in Swedish but can be translated via Google very easily.

Many sick of the high microwave radiation on Sergels Torg

From Radiation Protection Foundation: “These are the base stations that sit on Sergels Torg no. 12 and that strongly contribute to the extremely high radiation in the area, especially right in front. The base stations are dangerously low, which allows people to stand in their direct proximity.

This would not have been possible if we had functioning authorities working to protect human health instead of now: protecting the influential telecom companies’ interest in eliminating all risks with the company’s operations.

Many people contacted the Radiation Protection Foundation after a demonstration on January 22 when 10,000 people gathered at Sergels Square. They told us that they were affected by typical symptoms of microwave radiation exposure. Read more here:”


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3) A cluster of brain cancers, at least some of which are glioblastomas, in a town in New Jersey. Some were diagnosed many years ago and some fairly recently. Glioblastomas are tumors associated with cell phone use and exposure to RF radiation in studies by experts such as Dr. Hardell (https://bioinitiative.org/cell-phone-radiation-study-confirms-cancer-risk/).

The environmental exposure causing such tumors can be very hard to identify due to the prolonged latency period. The victim in the article, an environmental scientist, states that the only cause for this tumor is ionizing radiation. Of course he is wrong. But it seems unlikely that there were cell towers on or near the school in the early ’90s when many of the victims attended. A real, truly horrible mystery.

If I learn more about this, I will share.

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Brain Cancer Cluster, Colonia High School, Woodbridge Township, New JerseyAl Lupiano

Former resident says 65 people who either attended or worked at a N.J. high school have had rare brain tumors

“Lupiano, an environmental scientist, said he has confirmed 65 cases of people with rare brain tumors, adding the common denominator is they were all Colonia High School graduates or had worked there. Lupiano was diagnosed 20 years ago and said he still suffers lingering issues. He started researching a connection when other family members were diagnosed with the same extremely rare tumor on the left side of the brain.

“Fast forward to August of last year. My sister received the news she had a primary brain tumor, herself. Unfortunately, it turned out to be stage 4 glioblastoma. Two hours later, we received information that my wife also had a primary brain tumor,” Lupiano said.”


https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/brain-cancer/    &                                   https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/cancer-clusters/


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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