2022-03-28 Green Party panel re. Safe Tech

1) This past Friday through Sunday, the Green Party of Canada held its Spring Conference. A group of people were invited to speak about safe technology. Here is a YouTube of their discussions, starting at 2:30 of this video. There is some really important news that came from that conference which I hope to share in a day or so.

Green and Safe Technology: Why & How


2) The telecoms are good at hiding their cell towers and transmitters in plain site. Sometimes, they look like pine trees. Other times, they’re hidden in McDonald or Starbuck signs. Now they have to figure out how to hide microcells along streets, many of which are hard to miss — so Verizon is going to call them and the pole upon which they sit “art”. This one says to “celebrate the beauty of life”.

I hope that there is a backlash, shaming the museum for partnering with Verizon. How ironic that this pole that holds something that emits a harmful toxin is being used to celebrate life. Hopefully, some knowledgeable artist will show radiation signs and other things that will draw attention to what is happening along streets, outside homes and schools, without their knowledge.

Verizon partners with art museum, ‘elevates’ 5G cell site

“We remain committed to working closely with communities in ensuring that our equipment enhances the local streetscape,” said Lynn Cox SVP and chief engineer at Verizon. “Often we disguise equipment so that it can hide in plain sight. Here, our close collaboration with SAM has elevated a cell site from network equipment to fine art that improves connectivity for Harrisburg.”

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3) So much information in this report, prepared by EHT, that it’s hard to digest all at once, from the increase in energy needed to support the IoT and 5G devices to the fact that streaming wirelessly generates many times the amount of greenhouse gases than streaming via fiber optic cable. Many facts that should convince anyone concerned with climate to use and support wired technology vs. wireless, especially fiber optic cable for internet. For the phone??, there are still problems re. 911.

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“The more we use wireless electronic devices, the more energy we will consume. 5G will exponentially increase energy usage.  The  Small Cell Forum predicts the installed base of small cells to reach 70.2 million in 2025 and the total installed base of 5G or multimode small cells in 2025 to be 13.1 million.

“A 5G base station is generally expected to consume roughly three times as much power as a 4G base station. And more 5G base stations are needed to cover the same area,” IEEE Spectrum5G’s Waveform Is a Battery Vampire….

“A lurking threat behind the promise of 5G delivering up to 1,000 times as much data as today’s networks is that 5G could also consume up to 1,000 times as much energy,” Dexter Johnson in the IEEE Spectrum. Why?  Because there will be an increase in the number of small cellsmassive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas, cloud computing and an explosion of internet connected devices.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.”     Al Gore


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