2022-03-25 – An amazing letter to the UK Parliament re. 5G rollout

1) Without any input from the public, the Park Service in the USA has decided that cell towers can be put into parks without any public consultation or notification. As the author says, the parks are becoming cyber cafes. Does anyone know what is happening in Canadian parks?

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U.S. Nat’l Park Service No Longer Required to Inform Public on New Cell Towers Applications (Including 5G) in Parks

Park Service Eliminates Public Notice of New Cell Towers
Public Shut Out of Review of Telecom Expansion as 5G Era Dawns

“Washington, DC — The National Park Service is no longer required to inform the public about applications for new cell towers or provide basic information about visual impacts or signal strength, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Ironically, NPS made these policy changes without public notice or involvement.”


2) This study involved thousands of measurements taken with exposures to many types of devices. It was determined that the highest readings occurred near the transmitters on street poles, low and close to pedestrians. The RF meter’s maximum detection limit is 6 V/m or 100,000 uW/m2 or 10 uW/cm2, and it maxed out near these “microcells”, so it was impossible to know what the maximum exposure levels were.

Measurements of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including 5G, in the city of Columbia, SC, USA

“The highest exposure readings were registered close to cell phone base station antennas that were placed at a low level near the street level. These were cylinders mounted on top of utility poles, street lamps, traffic lights or other arbitrary posts. The antennas were surrounded by a cylindrical cover rendering these unnoticeable for the bystanders….

In conclusion, in the city of Columbia, SC, USA, the present study determined that the highest exposure areas were due to two reasons: i) Cell phone base station antennas on top of high‑rise buildings provide good cell coverage reaching far away, but creating elevated public exposure to the RF RMFs at the immediate vicinity; and ii) cell phone base station antennas installed on top of the utility poles have placed the radiation source closer to humans walking on the street level.

RF exposure levels from mobile phone base station antennas near the street level reached high levels. It is thus recommended, that all such close proximity transmitters should be labeled with relevant signs to warn of high RF exposure in the area (24). Cell phone base station antennas should be distinct and noticeable so that people who need to limit their exposure, have been given a chance to do so by distancing themselves from the RF sources. Considering the current trend of cell phone service providers expanding their 5G network, more utility pole base station antennas are expected. Consequently, the public exposure is also likely to increase in the coming years.”


3) Safe Tech International has shared a letter sent by the author of the amazing letter to UK Parliament below to confront the government’s plans to give telecoms easy access to private and public property. This letter to Safe Tech summarizes the very long but so well-written letter to Parliament. Among many other points, the author takes ICNIRP to task for protecting the telecoms’ profits at the expense of our health and that of all living things. Remember that until 2015, Safety Code 6 was similar to ICNIRP’s guideline and that Health Canada still recognizes only thermal effects. And that ISED does not enforce Safety Code 6 (for instance with cell phones) until they reach more than 50 times the current limit — which is where heating effects occur. Their mantra is, if it doesn’t heat you it doesn’t hurt you.

Open Letter to UK Parliament

“The following text and powerful, well-referenced Open Letter to the UK Parliament are from a message Safe Tech International recently received from Sean Carney regarding the UK government’s plans to fast track 5G. Sean urges the UK government to prioritize the health of the citizens of the UK and to place a moratorium on 5G in light of the robust science indicating the roll-out of 5G is ill-conceived and a clear disregard of public safety, human rights, and the environment….

The UK government is now rushing ahead with new plans to amend laws to push through the untested, unsafe 5G mass rollout unimpeded. The proposed reforms to planning regulations, if unchallenged now, will shortly give network providers instant access to private and public property, residential buildings and environments of natural beauty.

Open Letter to UK Parliament


Full and complete letter, long but well worth the read. Our MPs should be forced to read and understand this.


Open Letter To UK Parliament On The Insane Law Changes For 5G Rollout

“Campaigner for 5G safety transparency and truth, Sean Carney, has issued a timely warning of the risks posed by the UK Government’s ill-considered plans to alter the law to push through untested, unsafe 5G mass rollout. Principia Scientific International shares Sean’s open letter in full below….

A new study has been published that adds to the wealth of science indicating the serious potential health effects of 5G. This is a significant event considering 5G has never been proven safe. It is the first study to demonstrate 5G causes harm specifically. However, existing scientific evidence has long indicated 5G could cause harm.

It still stands that proof exists of 5G’s potential to harm and there is no proof of its safety. Deeply flawed guidelines followed by the government might suggest otherwise. This letter will explain why government must invoke the precautionary principle and place a moratorium on 5G.

In his examination of ICNIRP’s 2020 guidelines (that are supposed to be up-to-date in order to protect us) physicist Dr. Leendert Vriens makes it clear “substantive scientific information cannot be found in ICNIRP 2020.” He asserts that, “In view of the great financial interests of the telecom industry and governments, it is obvious to conclude that the orders of magnitude too high ICNIRP 2020 guidelines are only intended to prevent any obstruction to the roll-out of wireless communication applications in general and of 5G in particular.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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