2022-03-24 – Satellite internet vital in Ukraine

1) A great flyer that has great info to share re. 5G and especially energy requirements for wireless. This, alone, should cause great concern at all levels of government and with people concerned about our environment. This would be great to print off and hand out at spring and summer rallies and marketplaces, etc.

Climate Change, 5G & the Internet of Things

“Our energy calculations show that by 2015, wireless cloud will consume up to 43 TWh, compared to only 9.2 TWh in 2012, an increase of 460%. This is an increase in carbon footprint from 6 megatonnes of CO2 in 2012 to up to 30 megatonnes of CO2 in 2015, the equivalent of adding 4.9 million cars to the roads. Up to 90% of this consumption is attributable to wireless access network technologies, data centres account for only 9%… …wireless access networks are clearly the biggest and most inefficient consumer of energy in the cloud environment.” — The Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications, 2013


2) In my March 19 update [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2022-03-19-how-product-defense-companies-work/], I included a report by a member who had her smeter “upgraded” by BC Hydro and, shortly thereafter, suffered brain fog, headache, difficulty sleeping, and most of all a very annoying hum. The hum was so bad she slept outside in her car. She asked BC Hydro what had changed on her smeter and was told “firmware” had been updated.

Below are BC Hydro’s letter and response from the member. As of today, the problem has not been resolved, the hum continues and we have no idea what “firmware update” was done. In the March 19 update I asked if others had had an update and, if so, if there were any coincident problems. So far, 2 people have advised that their smeters had been “updated” but BC Hydro provided no information before or after to inform the homeowner about the need for this update. But neither person has heard a hum or suffered any effects. If I receive more info about this “firmware update” or the hum, I will share.

For those of you who, like me, didn’t know what “firmware” is, read here:


3) In wartime Ukraine, satellite internet service is proving to be very important. This will make it much harder to fight the proliferation of satellites, but how many are needed? Why so many thousands ???

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Was Looking To Offer Starlink In Ukraine Even Before Russian Invasion — The War Just Sped Up The Process

“Over the years there has been opposition, and warnings worldwide about various catastrophic issues associated with SpaceX’s Starlink and other company’s broadband satellites In fact, insurance companies have reportedly become less willing to insure satellites due to collision risks. Additionally last month 40 Starlink satellites fell from orbit and burned. Regardless, Starlink satellites have apparently become very useful to Ukraine in their efforts to defend themselves against Russia….

Why It Matters: The world’s richest person in February responded to Ukraine’s plea to provide Starlink stations. He has since ensured deliveries of thousands of satellite internet kits to Ukraine, according to authorities in the war-torn country.”



How Is Elon Musk’s Starlink Service Working Out In Ukraine? An Engineer Shares His Experience



From: X
To: “customer relations” <customer.relations@bchydro.com>
Sent: Thursday, 24 March, 2022 11:21:07
Subject: Re: [External] upgrade

Hi Erika!

Since the firmware upgrade last Friday, something strange is happening in our home. On Friday night, when I went to bed, I could hear a hum and after searching the house with my electro detection meter, I found that the golf cart recharger in our garage was on Overload, radiating out about 6 feet. I had to unplug it.

Ever since Friday night, there has been a hum in the house. The first night I had to escape to my car. Thereafter, I have turned the main breaker panel off before bedtime. Still, there is a hum, but it is fainter.

In our office, beside the garage, the hum is quite loud right now and I feel waves of energy going through my head.

Because of the timing of upgrading with the firmware and these problems, I am asking BC Hydro to, as quickly as possible, come to our home to rectify this problem. It is having very serious effects and cannot be allowed to continue.


From: “customer relations” <customer.relations@bchydro.com>
To: X
Cc: “customer relations” <customer.relations@bchydro.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 22 March, 2022 16:33:26
Subject: RE: [External] upgrade

Dear X

Your March 18, 2022 email to BC Hydro Regulatory Group was forwarded to Customer Relations to investigate the upgrade to the meter at your residence of XXXX Rd, Nanaimo. We appreciate the opportunity to address your questions.

A BC Hydro Field Service Representative was at your premises on March 18, 2022 to perform a firmware upgrade on the BC Hydro radio-off meter. BC Hydro meters require ongoing firmware updates to ensure the most up-to-date encryption, software updates and bug fixes.

Over 98% of BC Hydro’s meters receive firmware updates remotely, but because radio-off meters do not communicate, it must be updated onsite by a Field Service Representative. This procedure can take up to several minutes and doesn’t interrupt electricity service.

We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we complete these important system upgrades.

If you have any other questions regarding this upgrade, please contact Customer Metering at 1-800-409-8199.

Erika Webster,
Customer Relations


Sharon Noble,  Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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