2022-03-22 – A 4th “expert” author of Mobi-kids report outed

1) Phonegate has identified likely conflicts of interest, that were not disclosed, by yet another scientist who participated in the Mobi-kids project. There were about 36 authors of the report and Phonegate seems to be picking them off one by one. So far, 4 out of 36 ! Amazingly shoddy if not corrupt — that’s the way to get the answer industry wants.

Mobi-kids: A fourth expert, the Japanese Masao Taki, also conceals his conflicts of interest

“Masao Taki, a Japanese expert, is the fourth author of the Mobi-kids study [that analyzes the impact of wireless phones on the risk of brain tumors for young people] who has not declared his potential conflicts of interest with the mobile phone industry or his membership, until 2008, in the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)”.


or   https://tinyurl.com/4877m2t3

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“Protect Birds, Bees and Trees: Include Wireless Radiation (EMR) in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)”.


3) Accelerated deployment of 5G without any consideration for health, environmental or, probably, interference problems. No time to ask “Is it safe?

As satellite companies clear out of C-Band, Verizon adding 5G coverage

“Verizon in January activated its C-Band spectrum, won at auction in 2021, and immediately covered 100 million people with mid-band 5G. The year-end goal is to expand that coverage number to 175 million. And now, based on agreements that accelerate clearing of C-Band, Verizon is adding coverage this year in major metro markets, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver and Washington D.C….

Verizon EVP and President of Global Network and Technology Kyle Malady said in a statement, “We’ve been able to accelerate deployment because we’re driving more efficiency and coverage from the C-Band spectrum, leveraging opportunities like the one we are announcing today, and leveraging our already in place infrastructure…I have never experienced a network deployment move so quickly.””

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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