2022-02-25 Doctors concerned about EMF

1) This was news in December 2021 that somehow I didn’t know about, so I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it too.

[excerpt from a post at Massachusetts For Safe Technology:]

In December 2021 the MMS adopted the policy statement:

“That the Massachusetts Medical Society supports continuing research, including quality epidemiologic studies, by appropriate agencies and entities to produce evidence-based data on the effect(s) of radio frequency radiation on human health. If indicated, study findings should be used to revise and update public health standards for safe limits of human exposure to radio frequency radiation.”


2) I almost blew a gasket while reading this. It’s an article commending the cell tower industry for coming up with the idea of making their poles out of various composite materials — for the sake of the environment and, of course, to increase ease and speed of installation. How dare the cell tower industry raise so many environmental and human health harms in this newsletter article, and purport to be very responsible corporate citizens in coming up with ways to prevent other types of harmful exposures, all the while knowingly non-stop filling and re-filling all environments, humans, and other fauna and flora with unnatural, pulsed, bioactive EMR (electromagnetic radiation)!

Here are just two of the zillion “treats” in the article:

Composite Small Cell Towers and Sustainability:

“Even as they seek to build out this tower-intensive infrastructure, communities, carriers and installers are simultaneously seeking ways to lower carbon footprint, prolong usability and increase sustainability, as well as to decrease chemical, noise and traffic effects. The traditional methods of metal and wood as tower materials prove problematic on several environmental fronts. The quest is for another type of small cell infrastructure solution, one that fits the world’s rapidly growing need for ultra-high-speed communications, yet with diminished effect on increasingly populated urban spaces.”

“Wooden utility towers are often treated with pentachlorophenol (PCP) to protect them against fungi and termites. Copper, chromium, arsenic and creosote are also used. Exposure to PCP and other preservative chemicals can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage to the immune system and even cancer. Because towers will be installed not only in downtown areas, but also in residential neighborhoods, the potential risks to children and developing fetuses are critical to consider. The EPA has calculated that children face 220 times the usual risk of cancer from exposure to soil contaminated with PCP. The chemical is also highly toxic to birds, mammals and aquatic organisms as well as plant life.”

To read the whole article go to:


3) Great news! Jonathan Mirin’s performance “CANARY IN A GOLD MINE” is now available On Demand, and now with an easier ticket purchase method for purchases outside the U.S. (and I think ticket prices are shown in U.S. Funds). Here’s part of today’s announcement from Sabrina Hamilton, Artistic Director, Ko Festival of Performance. If some links or buttons below don’t work for you here in email, simply go to:


The Festival includes detailed instructions in the “Ticket Logistics” section of its CANARY page, and asks that you carefully read those instructions.

We’ve also arranged to be able to process international credit cards! International ticket sales have been a new experience for us, as we are usually an in-person, live theatre festival located in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. It should now be a straightforward process to gain access to CANARY, no matter where viewers are based!

Each ticket purchase will automatically generate an email with the video link and password to view the show at one’s leisure un-captioned, or with English captions or French subtitles. The passwords will be changed every Monday.

I also want to remind you of the resource page for this show on the Piti Theatre website.

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That’s where you will find a lot of great information on the issues raised in the show. As soon as possible, performer Jonathan Mirin will be updating the page to include links to the recordings for the postshow discussions from all three of the live-streamed events sponsored by the Ko Festival. Stay tuned for these…

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Canary in a Gold Mine


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