2022-02-21 Major issues with home alarm systems if 3G service eliminated.


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2) It sounds like the crisis with 5G interference with airplanes all over again. Now it’s the industry shutting down all 3G networks while major systems, such as alarms that alert the public and police/fire depts of fires, break ins, etc, have yet to finish changing their systems over. Again, profit before public safety.

AT&T says alarm industry is trying to ‘slam the brakes’ on its 3G shutdown.

“In its February 7 filing with the FCC, Public Knowledge disclosed how it urged the commission to be prepared to issue an order preventing the shutdown of AT&T’s 3G network unless AT&T can demonstrate that either 1) it has made arrangements with the alarm industry to prevent disruption of critical services or 2) that AT&T is capable of immediately restoring service in the event of a significant disruption to systems that are critical to protecting safety of life and property.

In his letter, Public Knowledge SVP Harold Feld explained that the FCC exercising its authority in this case is supported by evidence in the record, “demonstrating that alarm systems critical to safety of life and property are at significant risk of becoming inoperable if AT&T adheres to its current schedule and does not take steps to coordinate with the alarm industry.””


3) After making heroic attempts to educate the authorities about the dangers of smart meters of all types, a California city has decided to move forward with “smart” water meters, ignoring its own telecom ordinance. A lot of information is provided in the many links below, including problems that have occurred in other cities.

In BC, so far, every home has had to have a smeter for electricity, mandated by the inappropriately named “Clean Energy Act“. But there is no mandate for “smart” gas or water meters. FortisBC has an application before the BCUC right now and if it is approved every gas customer’s home will have a “smart” gas meter. And we can assume that water will be next — for no justifiable reason.

This chart was provided by Sandi Maurer who led the fight in Sebastopol.





Here are some links that someone in a US group looked up for someone who was having health issues after a smart water meter was installed in her home:

Radiation from smart water meters




(this woman is not having it!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL5mEW7_i2g

Here’s a smart water meter fail story from Baltimore:

Smart Water Meters – DPW employees demand jobs back, point the blame at defective “smart” meters Mayor Young wants to enter a contract with the company responsible for the high-tech water meters that are at the root of the city’s billing problems, workers say.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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