2022-02-03 Letter sent to Trudeau, Pittsfield Board Of Health does-the-right-thing

There are only two items today because, wow, I think each of these items merits a significant amount of attention from you.

1) On Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau called the truckers’ convoy movementtin foil hats (see link below), insinuating that those who are protesting on Parliament Hill and those who oppose wireless tech are peddling disinformation and conspiracy theories.

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Yesterday, Frank Clegg of Canadians For Safe Technology (C4ST) responded to this outrageous statement by sending a letter to Trudeau. Here it is:

Subject: Request for clarification regarding your public comments on January 31, 2022 regarding “tin foil hats” and whether it relates to Canadians’ concerns about wireless radiation and their health


I hope that others will join C4ST in expressing outrage regarding what seems to be Trudeau supporting the misinformation about wireless technology — mocking the science that he and his government are ignoring — along with his use of language that is totally inappropriate from a Prime Minister.

2)  The Board Of Health in Pittsfield, Massachussetts leads recognizing its duty to prioritize the well-being of its residents. This is remarkable news! There is no point in me trying to explain it here. Cece Doucette of Massachussets For Safe Technology has, as usual, an excellent introduction and suggestions, and provides links to excellent media coverage and other items. Here I’ve pasted the media headlines, but I hope you will head to this link to easily see what Cece has written, read each media article, and access other related resources… and share with others:


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Barb for Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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