2022-01-20 Author of recent JAMA article re. RF/EMF outed

1) From Louis Slesin of Microwave News, who is responding to a report by David Grimes published by JAMA re. EMF. David Robert Grimes Is Not Affiliated with University of Oxford. Head of the Department of Oncology Sets the Record Straight. You can bet that the industry and its bent scientists will reference Grimes’s misleading, perhaps fraudulent report to support its contention that there is no evidence that RF/EMF is dangerous.

Four Reasons Why David Grimes’s RF-Cancer Review Must Be Retracted
Open Letter to Editor-in-Chief, AMA Journals

“As you are already keenly aware, on December 9th, JAMA Oncology, part of the AMA family of journals, published what purports to be a review of radiofrequency (RF) radiation and cancer by David Robert Grimes.

Grimes’s paper is rife with distortions and omissions. It is a disservice to the AMA and to all those who care about public health. I urge you, as the current editor-in-chief of all AMA journals, to retract this paper.

Here are four reasons why you should set the record straight as soon as possible:

  • Grimes gets the science wrong.
  • Grimes is not qualified to write the review.
  • Grimes’s affiliation with the University of Oxford is tenuous, at best.
  • Grimes misreports his statements on behalf of the telecom industry in the published conflict of interest (CoI) disclosure.”


2) Some airlines were not told in advance about the deployment of 5G in areas close enough to airports to cause major interference and, therefore, have stopped flying into the USA. The power of the USA 5G in the vicinity of airports is at least double of what is allowed in other countries. This FCC-FAA battle exemplifies the power of the corporations over the safety of the public, whether it involves radiation, security, privacy or safety.

Emirates president: The 5G snafu is the biggest screwup I’ve witnessed in my career

“When asked on what he makes of the situation, Clark said: “I need to be as candid as I normally am, and say this is one of the most delinquent, utterly irresponsible issue subjects, call it what you like, I’ve seen in my aviation career because it involves organs of government, manufacturers, science, etc. And you know, the notion that, for instance, the United States government should sell its franchise for all the frequencies for a large amount of money.

Somebody should have told them at the time – that the risks and the dangers they placed in certain frequency uses around field, airfields, metropolitan fields that should have been done at the time.”

The Emirates president added that services will be restored if the rollout is suspended and the question of interference of their aircraft systems on approach and landing is removed.”


The differences between the US 5G deployment and Europe’s are very significant. Some are explained here:

  • Lower power levels
  • Antennas tilted downward to reduce potential interference to flights
  • Different placement of antennas relative to airfields
  • Frequencies with a different proximity to frequencies used by aviation equipment
  • The early stages of the 5G deployment in the U.S. will include mitigations that are partly similar to those used to help protect air travel in France. However, even these proposals have some significant differences.
  • Planned buffer zones for U.S. airports only protect the last 20 seconds of flight, compared to a greater range in the French environment.
  • 5G power levels are lower in France. In the U.S., even the planned temporary nationwide lower power levels will be 2.5x higher than in France.
  • In France, the government required that antenna must be tilted downward to limit harmful interference. Similar restrictions do not apply to the U.S. deployment.


3) This article is from 2018 and it would be interesting to actually get updates from people in this area of NYC to see how they are now.

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Sick People, Sick Pets, Homes Put Up for Sale: Revisiting NYC in 2018 When Verizon Activated 5G

“Worldwide opposition to 5G and warnings about this controversial technology have slowed and/or stopped deployment in some places but not others.  Since 2017 doctors and scientists have asked for moratoriums on Earth and in space (see 12and the majority of scientists oppose deployment.  Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals experiencing symptoms and illnesses after 5G was activated (see 1234) including in New York City.

Nevertheless, deployment has continued and later this weekAT&T and Verizon plan to activate more 5G throughout the U.S.  If you live in a community where this is scheduled, Activist Post published an article on June 25, 2018 that included posts shared on Dr. Naomi Wolfs social media pages after Verizon activated 5G in the Big Apple,…”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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