2022-01-11 Abandoning Inconvenient Science

1) Dr. Louis Slesin, author of Microwave News, describes how studies on the blood brain barrier were shut down by industry and ICNIRP, and have been forgotten even though the significance of such leakage is so very great. This is just one example of how “inconvenient science”, science that would interfere with profit, has been stifled for decades, and continues to be. How very frustrating it has been for independent scientists, some of whom are referenced in this article, to devote careers to studies that are ignored. Without funding, which is often withheld or withdrawn once effects are shown, independent research ends while industry spends huge amounts for bent scientists to provide misinformation so that the public is kept in the dark and continues to buy (and love) dangerous products.

Abandoning Inconvenient Science
How RF Research on the Blood-Brain Barrier
Was Shut Down — Again
Reflections on Leif Salford’s 80th Birthday

“Leif Salford celebrated his 80th birthday on December 7. An emeritus professor at Sweden’s Lund University and a noted neurosurgeon, Salford spent much of his career treating patients with brain tumors. Over the years, he became frustrated as, all too often, he was unable to save them with a scalpel.

In 1987, Salford came across a paper (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0304394087901868) in Neuroscience Letters from a group at the University of Western Ontario, who had found that rats undergoing the equivalent of a routine MRI scan showed changes in their blood-brain barrier. The BBB is a membrane that keeps potentially toxic substances in the bloodstream from getting into the brain. It’s not a perfect barrier —it can leak. The Canadians reported that something about the electromagnetic exposures during the MRI scan had increased the permeability of the rats’ BBB. It had become more porous….

Salford and Persson’s own experiments with rats confirmed, at least to themselves, that microwave radiation —sometimes at very low levels— could alter BBB permeability. With the help of another Lund colleague, Arne Brun, a professor of neurosurgery, they went on to show that chemicals that had crossed into the brain could kill neurons.”


2) A member sent me this link which shows the thousands of satellites currently in orbit around our earth, I believe in real time. You can see the earth nearly engulfed by the thousands of satellites and by moving the cursor and zooming in and out, various areas/countries can be seen. There is a box in the upper left hand corner that shows the number of various types, as well as the altitude. I couldn’t find a key for more details. How on earth can accidents not happen or rockets get through all of this junk?


3) Apparently, there are many “planned outages” across BC and, according to several members, the people working on the new poles being erected are not allowed to speak with residents nearby. As well, BC Hydro refuses to tell customers the type of or reasons for the upgrades. This seems very suspicious to me.

Below, in Letters, see an email from another member with photos he took of the new “upgraded” poles. Some of these transmitters look quite different from other ones I’ve seen. I’ve asked a couple of technical members to comment.

(click on photos to enlarge


Outage List


4) The next webinar by ART, on the various legal issues and implications associated with 5G, will be held on Jan. 26. The past webinars have been very interesting and have provided ideas and information that apply to Canada as well as the US.

January Webinar Rescheduled to
January 26, 2022, 10 am PT
Citizen Rights and Remedies under the Shadow of 5G Surveillance and Behavioral Modification

“This webinar will assess central legal issues and best practices concerning data privacy, surveillance, cyber-insecurity, control and censorship, mis- and disinformation, and the prediction and manipulation of human behavior in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism (see this excellent summary by Shoshana Zuboff). The program will particularly focus on the fundamental infrastructural challenges of 5G proliferation into every home and workplace.”



& https://app.bchydro.com/accounts-billing/rates-energy-use/electricity-meters.html

Re: Item #3 in your article below about major Hydro Power outage scheduled for ‘Upgrade’

We live just behind the Camosun College Lansdowne Campus – across from the Fisher Building at the bottom of Mt Tolmie.

We received several messages from BC Hydro:

The first one concerned a major Power Outage, all day for Oct 26th/21.
It was cancelled due to lack of equipment.

Later on in Nov we received another message that the Power would be Off all day on Sunday Nov 28th, 2021 for major upgrades. Power was to be off from 8:00am until 6:00pm while this work was to be undertaken. We were told not to interfere or ask questions of the workers. Two very large wooden power poles were put alongside Argyle Ave a week or so before. We thought that Hydro was replacing some older power poles which would prevent power failure due to high winds.

Sunday, Nov 28th arrived and the power went off at 8:00am Crews arrived before then, flag people with trucks, three major trucks with two that would lift up workers in a buckets but they did not have Hydro labels on them. During the day work was done by the bucket cranes to lift the top power lines up so that these two poles cut be attached but they reached above the power lines.

Then they proceeded to install the large 5G antennas to the top of the poles. when it was getting dark I went out and asked the flag person where were the Hydro people? She said that she was not allowed to comment but that these people don’t seem to know what they are doing and it is taking much longer that they thought!

My conclusion is that BC Hydro has found out a new way of making money on an ongoing basis from the Telecom Industry. It wasn’t Telus nor Rodgers as Rogers already has 5G antennae hanging from the Fisher building and on the antenna that is on top of the Fisher building. Telus has put in their Fiber Optic Cable installation in Oak Bay and all around the Mt Tolmie area of Saanich. I think that this group might be associated with Bell Mobility/Shaw which are combining and want to compete with the 5G when it is activated. Below are two pics of what the new poles look like.

So much for Hydro upgrades to assist the neighbourhood of constant electricity during the very windy winter. Hope this helps.”

Here are 3 photos:





Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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